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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The sooner the better

I wish the mainstream media would get it right. As I've said here before, the first baby born in the new year isn't anywhere near as cool as the last baby born in the old year. So you assignment editors out there, when you send the reporters to the phones to check around the area hospitals, be sure they get the name of the kid who gave his or her parents the maximum tax deduction for the year with the minimum number of diaper changes. And give the kid equal billing with the first one out after midnight. Time is money!

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Unless you're in Germany, where it pays to wait.

I beg to differ, Jack. I refer you to the rarely used IRS form Z-1139-B, in which the first baby of the New Year can be counted as a dependent in the previous year, providing the labor pangs began in the old year and had not increased more than 15.73% in the New Year.

The Pope says you can start deducting at conception.

Today is my daughter's birthday. She was born while I was enrolled in PSU's old Master of Tax program. I got a perfect 4.0 that term!

Happy New Year to all.

Happy New Year back at you. Thanks for the blog in 2006, Jack, and many happy posts in the New Year.

For the people of faith out there,

Three years ago today (well, last night), panicking about the impending birth of my daughter. My wife was going to be off caring for the baby, and I needed reassurance that we weren't off to the poorhouse. So I actually said, "Give me a sign that we are gonna be OK, how are we going to afford to pay for my wife's time off."

Three hours later, and three weeks early, we were on our way to the hospital and at 5:45,
our little deduction was born. 8 pounds, and extremely beautiful, and with a healthy , LOUD, voice.

Who says there aren't miracles in the world?

Actually, my children have made me richer than anything I ever got back from the IRS.

Happy New Years to Jack and all who post here, and thanks for the great reads, info and opinions. Anybody want a group hug?

Just got back from a NYE party where the whole point was awaiting a kid that was supposed to arrive yesterday.

Unfortunately for that family's tax burden... no baby yet.

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