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Thursday, December 28, 2006

She's got it

It's great to see that Portland activist and former City Council candidate Amanda Fritz has started her own blog. Amanda is a critical thinker, and she really does her homework when it comes to issues that arise in city government. I think she's all wet about "voter-owed elections" and some other things, but she and I share a certain kind of skepticism about many others. If, like me, you try to keep up with the doings at City Hall, you'll need to bookmark her location.

Good luck with the technical side of blogging, Amanda. Don't let the trolls get you down. Learn the "IP Deny" function -- it's very therapeutic. On a happier note, I have no doubt that the content side of the postings on the site is going to be excellent.

There's a bit of mystery, too -- what the heck is that little "favicon"? "Equal water for all"? "Frowning under the mountain"? "My hat's too big"? "Hershey's Kisses and baseball"?

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Ah, the default Drupal favicon. How cute!

Hadn't noticed that. It looks like a smurf playing Secret Service agent.

Thanks for the link and encouragement, Jack! Yours is an impossible act to follow or mimic, but I'll do my best to inform and entertain. And of course I plan to continue to be an active participant here, too.

We need to find you your own favicon. Readers?


There's a pretty good favicon library at:


I am the poor wretch who has to worry about Amanda's technical side. :) As for the druplicon, that's the one thing I always forget to do. I hate making favicons.

IMO, the very fact that Fritz is an "activist" who's taken OUR money to get HER message out sets off a buzzer. Activists learn the Klingon language of insiders in guv and aspire to join in, make nice and get along. Activism is too often code for "I want to play, too."

We'll see how critical her thinking is when she runs again (which she most certainly will). The kudzu that is Portland's "insider network" is persistent and pervasive - hard to imagine taking VOE dough and not being somewhat beholden to those in city guv whose misbegotten brainchild it is. Leonard's as close to independent as we've got now - and he's got the huge blind spot of knee-jerk (almost) allegiance to organized labor.

"Independent" is hard to define, but I'll know it when, and if, I see it.

How tired you sound today.


Did I leave out that Fritz' politics and mine don't jibe? Plus, there's that annoying accent and the hair.

Other than that my mind is open.

Raging against the machine doesn't get you points on my scorecard if you aspire to become part of it.

On the bright side I can infest her blog and poke and prod - sparing you some minor annoyance.

I got to know Amanda while we were out stumping. She and I have agreed to disagree on VOE, and many other other issues, but I have come to like and respect her. It's not easy to stick your neck out in front of everybody and say what you think in a public forum, then step back and take all the jeers, derision and hate mail that can go along with it, especially when you are not one of the good ol' boys.

Also, Amanda got huge doses of misdirected venom that was intended for Emilie Oy. Amanda showed grace under pressure and good old fashioned guts. She's all right in my book.

Favicon? It looks like an attempt at a Prussian soldier emoticon.

Hmmm...It sounds like rr ain't gonna find a candidate to support unless they have opinions matching rr's, across the board. I'd say rr should run for office.

Thank you, Dave, Jack, and Godfry. RR, you are welcome to visit my blog, however comments on hair, accent, and the like will be deleted. Blogging is literally inviting you into my home, since that's where I read comments, and I hope you would not start by insulting my appearance and background if you were to visit in person. Besides, I hope you aren't really so shallow that those things are truly important to you.

"Activist" is indeed a word that means different things to different people, most of those things not positive. I haven't yet found a better term for someone who cares passionately about community issues and volunteers huge amounts of time to try to fix problems. As for being beholden to those who voted in VOE: It wasn't just having the system in place that provided public financing. That didn't help any of the candidates who tried to use it and didn't qualify. I'll be beholden to thousands of $5 donors, and to you and all other taxpayers who paid for my campaigns, if I ever seek and win a seat on City Council.

Don't let the trolls get you down. Learn the "IP Deny" function -- it's very therapeutic.
JK: She's requiring registration.

That should keep the PDC / Trimet / Planning dpet trolls under control.n (or at least civil)


Good for her. Actually, comment spam is a worse problem than live trolls.

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