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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shasta County, baby!

More freebie wi-fi here at curbside in beautiful Redding. Playing tag with the Sacramento River. Some interesting signs along the way -- Sequoia High School; Cut Your Own Tree, Any Size, $10; and a huge one, "Glassblowers - Next Exit," except that someone has obliterated the first two letters.

The Everlys were as sweet and wonderful as ever. I used to be able to sing the high part, but at least I can still hold my own with the low one. Then Delbert McClinton's "Room to Breathe" -- always positively inspirational.

It's dark and drizzly here, with a bit of a south wind. The terrain starts to change now, and that storm's still brewing. Time to move on. See you on the Oregon side.

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Oh man. May I recommend Leo's Campus Drive in Ashland. Their mushroom swiss burger cannot be improved upon.

drive safe.

In Yreka, did you catch the sign with one of Cascadia's most famous palindromes? It is "Yreka Bakery".

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