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Friday, December 29, 2006

Real coffee

I am a decaf guy. Years ago, I learned that my blood sugar is prone to swings, and that caffeine (particularly first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach) makes it worse. And so I abandoned regular coffee in favor of decaf, and after cheating for years with Diet Coke, I finally bagged that one almost four years ago.

Losing the Diet Coke was one of the best dietary moves I ever made. Of course, there's still dark chocolate, but let's not dwell on petty details.

Anyway, this year, for the holidays, I made a consumer selection that worked well last year. I picked up a half pound of the fabulous (and muy caro) Panama Esmeralda coffee beans at Peet's, with the idea of allowing myself an evil treat now and then over Christmas. I just enjoyed my first cup of the stuff for the year, and all I can say is WOO HOO!!!

Man, this is some strong drug. If you down regular coffee routinely, take it from me: You're a druggie.

As for the Esmeralda, Stumptown also sells it, at a much lower price the last time I checked. Its version is also wonderful, but different, and to my taste not quite as good as the Peet's roast. But if you do try either one some afternoon, be sure to come back to this blog at 3 in the morning. I'm often blogging at that hour.

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The addition at Christmas of a little battery-operated wand that foams the milk really added to the experience.

Only four cups of coffee in the last four years. Stomach feels better. Others say I've calmed down some. But I've gotta say that everytime I'm in Peets the urge to buy my regular twice a day doubleshot almond mocha becomes almost unbearable.

Woo Hoo indeed! You aren't helping Jack.


I, with the most benign of motivation, suggest you take one shot of Black Bush and call Juan Valdez in the morning.



Odd about real coffee - I'd think natural java would increase the heart rate and burn sugar.

Americanos are the best, and short of that black fresh ground, preferably a deep roast.

NO Sugar!

NO Creamer!

And most important of all - no added candy bar-like crap like caramel, chocolate, whip cream, --- YUCK! Add that trash and it's no longer coffee.

Curious -- why was losing Diet Coke one of your best dietary moves? What did you learn about it that is so bad? Curious as I down a couple or three liters per day....

Damn. No caffeine, and you're still up at 3 a.m.?

It isn't just Jack, Kari...

Caffeine, schmaffeine...

Friend I was in the dorms with at college in San Diego, grows this bean in Panama, and they are his beans that are sold to Peet's (and probably Stumptown). He's also got a place on the McKenzie (sp?) River in Central Oregon. Tip of the cup to him,


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