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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Proof of the existence of God

I was always able to reason my way to it, but even the skeptics have to believe after this.

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At some point these last few years I became sick of USC Coach Pete Carroll. While everyone was saying what a great guy he was, I started to see an egomaniacal phony acting cute. Watching this game was sweet, and I felt great for such USC alumni as O.J. Simpson. The action featured one of the hardest hits on a quarterback ever when the UCLA guy ran up the sidelines towards the end. Also one of the most amazing picks in a pressure situation when the UCLA guy deflected the pass and then whirled around, dove, and caught it.
Whether or not this proves the existence of God is an interesting question. You could argue that if there was a God, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights would have won later in the day. But I also hear a voice saying, "Oh ye, of little faith. The game of football proved there is a God a long time ago."

Urban Meyer's meltdown after Michigan is selected to the National Title Game is going to be of Biblical Proportions. I can hardly wait!

Who is Urban Meyer? Florida's coach?

"Who is Urban Meyer"
A Jewish pope of ancient times.


Unfortunately, the voters did not watch the Florida-Arkansas game last night, and voted them in at #2. You'll have to wait until Jan 8 to see the Meyer meltdown when Ohio St. slaughters them.

Ironically, I would rather have seen USC play Ohio State than this, so that takes the proof of God off the table for me.

You know, if all the top teams have lousy bowl games while Oklahoma wins big, then Oklahoma could legitimately say it should have been the national champion were it not for that stupid Oregon call...

Well, that was a surprise. Seriously, the BCS sucks. I don't care about any of these bowl games. ...when does March Madness start, again?

That would be March. I still think the Rose Bowl between Michigan and USC will be epic. Sort of like the good old days before the computers fixed everything.

I agree, Bill. I wanted to see an Ohio State-Michigan rematch for the title because I was at Autzen and missed the first classic, but a traditional Pac-10 v. Big Ten Rose Bowl is fine. I'm glad they added a National Title game instead of rotating it between the four major bowls, like when Joey Harrington's Ducks were Pac-10 champions but didn't get to go to the Rose Bowl because it was taken for the National Title game that year. Of course we should have been there anyway, but that's the way the cookie crumbled.

I heard there was a furninture store in LA (no doubt owned by a USC fan), that stated if people buy at least $2,000 worth of furniture from him, they would get their purchase for free if UCLA wins. I guess some residential developer bought about $45,000 worth...

Don't get me started on the Joey Harrington situation with the Ducks. First, the loss to Stanford involved not 1 but 2 blocked punts.
I was supposed to go to Washington State the Saturday after 9/11 to watch a game. That was canceled and if memory serves, the make-up game later was a much weaker opponent making our win over Washington State not count for as much.
The blocked punts were one thing, but it seemed unfair that 9/11 should hurt the Ducks chances.
As with all things sports, I'm going on memory here.

The Michigan-USC Rose Bowl game should be great. It'll feature plenty of passing, punting, and pouting.

A Michigan-USC game will be good. But it would be better if it was the first game in a playoff.

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