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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pressing issue

My congressman, Earl the Pearl, sent me a newsletter this week. What with all the important business facing the nation and world, I was a little taken aback to see him advise us, "Buy fresh foods instead of frozen." What next, Earl -- earth-friendly crock pot recipes?

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Don't you think it's a ploy to erode Gordon Smith's warchest (by attacking Smith's frozen veggie empire) in anticipation of Earl challenging Smith in 2008?

I thought about that. I can see it now on BlueOregon: "Frozen peas are destroying our planet."

I guess the poor folks still left in NoPo are supposed to bike over to Whole Foods and buy fresh ones for $11.99 a pound. In Earl's vision, all the government cheese will be brie.

I also notice Earl wants people to take mass transit. Earl should know by now that in most cities mass transit is limited because the government in its wisdom has run private business out of the marketplace. But Earl already knows that. He's the smartest person in the room.
The Nickle

Wear bowties, not neckties.

Yes, bowties are more environmental sensitive. Less fabric. And your drools miss a necktie and fall on your shirt which most people launder anyway.

Did Earl take into account that with frozen foods you can shop at one time, store your goods, and save three-five car trips to the store? I can't ride a bike, sorry.

Not to mention that finding fresh peas and corn around here during this time of the year is ... impossible - but hey, that's letting facts get in the way of rhetoric again.

Is this the same Earl who's killing trees to print this stuff and wasting energy mailing it?

He's still promoting that wonder land swap on Mt. Hood, too.

He's not still flying back and forth to Washington D.C. in a big ol' kerosene burning jet, is he?

Twice a month, roundtrip = 144,000 miles/year (assuming no junkets). That's a whole lot of fresh peas, Earl.

Makes biking to/from the condo look kind of silly, doncha think.

I'm not sure whether it's irony or hypocrisy, but it's pretty entertaining either way.

Great point Mr. Tee. I don't remember if it was the trib or willie week that ran a piece a couple years back about inhabitants of our "livable" condo projects commuting to LA or SF weekly by airliner to enjoy six figure consulting jobs. They like Portland's green, eco friendly environment, but don't mind burning lots of Jet-A in order to afford it.

Yeah! Like Jack said! Frozen peas are destroying our planet!

Wear bowties, not neckties.

Yes, bowties are more environmental sensitive.

Or, no tie at all.

Mr. Tee, I don't think that's hypocrisy. I would agree that Rep. Blumenauer's frequent trips between Portland and Washington, D.C. aren't environmentally friendly, but they are absolutely necessary for him to do his job properly. But most of us (including the condo dwellers mentioned by Mr. Lister) are not subject to such demands, and probably could reduce the amount of CO2 we generate by our commuting habits.

The right good Congressman Blumenauer could commute to Bullfeathers each weekend and his constituents would get the same (or better) service from his staff.

In my view, a prolonged absence of my regular letter carrier would be a greater source of concern than would a prolonged hiatus of Earl speeches, town halls, and photo-ops.

He comes home because he wants to, and because it serves to enhance his political aspirations. He has no reason to worry about reelection: he occupies the safest seat West of the Mississippi. If he plans on running for Mayor of Portland or U.S. Senator, then he needs to maximize his local visibility.

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