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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

No action

Back in July, the City of Portland's transportation geniuses made a big deal about the fact that they were starting to re-do Hawthorne Boulevard to make it safer for everyone. Given the hoopla, I told readers to take one last look at Hawthorne as we knew it.

How foolish of me. Having spent a few hours on the main shopping section of that busy street over the last week or two, I can safely say that nothing -- nothing -- has been done on that portion of Hawthorne yet. Funny thing, when Homer Williams needs streets built for another condo ghetto, City Hall can get the job done in six weeks. They'll even throw in a $7 million poodle poop park for the Marin County blue hairs while they're at it. But it takes more than six months to get from announcement to action on Hawthorne. Too real over there, I guess.

I'm sure they'll be a lot quicker with the parking meters.

UPDATE, 3:55 p.m.: Speaking of inner southeast, here's what's happening while the city burns money on pretty junk like the aerial tram...

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Actually, crews have been working away, and finished numerous curb extensions between 39th and 50th, and installed curb ramps where missing from 39th to 55th. New signals are installed and should soon be working at 49th and at 50th. They stopped for the holidays, and in January, work will start on the 20th to 39th portion of the project.

I wonder why the freaking city bothers to never pave some of the SE side streets... I almost lost my transmission driving down one the other day in Woodstock area - by accident. It wasn't just unpaved but completely torn up with 3-4 foot holes all over yet it had a street labeling sign. WTF?

They stopped for the holidays, and in January, work will start on the 20th to 39th portion of the project.

About freakin' time.

But MJD: If they paved them they would then have to put in speed bumps and other ‘traffic calming’ devices. It's easier for them to leave them as is, and they get the same result.


actually, they're pretty much on schedule. the 39th to 55th section is almost done, and the sewage work on the lower sections was also completed in the fall.

Nice to know. When it's safe to cross the street where most of the shoppers are -- which is the only noteworthy feature of this project -- let me know and I'll join the applause.


It will never be safe to cross the street where most of the shoppers are -- I've trice been nearly run over by auto drivers engaging in cellphone conversations. That ain't gonna stop. Hawthorne district is filled with social retards who use their cellphone to stimulate their one and only brain cell...even if that means making a right turn from 39th to Hawthorne by taking both hands off the wheel to turn it, and, in the process, taking out several pedestrians to whom they didn't pay attention.

If you want to be safe for pedestrians to cross the street, try banning drivers from using cellphones.

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