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Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday morning, special edition

Oh man, are we ever down to crunch time here at the North Pole. But what you do is, get yourself a nice pot of Peet's coffee going, put on the John Fahey Christmas album, and get to writin' cards, wrappin' presents, and boxin' it all up for the relatives out of town. Maybe plug in the tree for an hour or so, even though it's daytime. And of course, stay in pajamas for as long as possible.

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thank god it's winter break! (or, thank god it's over, for those of us who never have to drive down terwilliger again after today.) hope you're having a good pre-christmas.

Jack, it's John Fahey. FAHEY! (The man deserves to be remembered.)

Thanks for that gentle and tactful correction.

The man was a genius; even if some of us forget how to spell his name, his music will live on. The Christmas record is just an example of his talent -- from another realm.

BTW, I hope after I'm gone, people talk about that "Jack Bodansky" guy. Better misspelled than forgotten.

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