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Thursday, December 28, 2006

It makes perfect sense

As City of Portland officials try to figure out how to repair a giant sinkhole in the Buckman neighborhood, real estate developer Joe Weston has increased the size of his latest condo tower project to make up for the lost volume in the city's real estate stock.

Under city planning rules, Weston will be permitted to add two stories onto his 32-story condo tower proposed for 1405 SW Morrison Street if he can get a revised application filed before the Buckman sinkhole, at SE 16th and Oak, is fixed. "The sinkhole is about 20 feet deep," explained Josh Jostling, an assistant vice planner with the city design commission. "That means the additional two stories are permitted as of right under the rules."

City Commissioner Erik Sten praised the proposed revision to Weston's project, calling it "the kind of innovative thinking that we like to see." He added: "I think 34 stories isn't much different from 32. Also, the additional shade over the 405 freeway will definitely make a dent in global warming. In that sense, it's a very green building."

Sten's colleague, Sam Adams, agreed. "This plan is all about sustainability," Adams noted. "I would make a better mayor than Erik, and I think Joe knows that."

In a related development, officials in the planning bureau announced that their offices will be open until midnight Sunday night to accept Weston's amended documents. "We always have people who are about to retire, working overtime on New Year's Eve to jack up their PERS," explained Bill Kelly, bureau director, "and so the expanded hours are not an extra burden on the general fund."

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BlogTown is reporting that the sinkhole was caused by leaking at Buckman Pool.

You are a funny guy, Jack....

The Pagliacci of Portland.

The director of planning is Gil Kelly not Bill Kelly.

I swear to God that what Jackbog has "honestly" quoted has happened at City Hall.
The "pick and choose" of what procedure to employ at City Hall is so prevalent that it is beyond a joke. Jackbog reigns!

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