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Thursday, December 21, 2006

How to say "Merry Christmas" in Goldschmidt

The rich of Portland are not like you and I, and they have their own funny way of communicating. From today's O, we see that Mark Dodson, the gas company honcho and a member of the inner, inner, and we do mean inner Goldschmidt circle, sent a festive holiday greeting to Commissioner Dan "Big Pipe" Saltzman, the West Hills hit man on the City Council:

Inside, he scribbled these words: "You know, as we get ready to open the tram, I know many of us will remember a real profile in courage. There is a hall of heroes, but it's real short these days, and you are certainly in it."

Under the card's stock message, Dodson added this closing thought: "Still want to explore the franchise clauses adopted in Arizona that I mentioned in your office."

Now there's what passes for the spirit of Christmas in some quarters. Thanks for all the scams of the past, and of course we still want more.

Comments (6)

I wonder if that Christmas card will show up on his lobbyist report in January? :-)

That meeting in his office also sounds intriguing.

All this because Dan caved into pressure and flipped his vote on the tram - rewarding the budget scams that went with it, and pleasing the powerful of Portland.

Gee, I wonder what they would do if he did something truly heroic? Give him the Nobel Prize?

Meanwhile, I'm concerned about Mark Dodson. It's already cold and windy out. You add that in with this card and he's going to have a serious case of chapped lips.

The very rich believe in franchise clause, not santa claus.

A "real profile in courage"?!? WHAT?!?

I find it ironic that Goldschmidt critics are accused of having "strong opinions" when there is nothing nuanced about the Neilie's style. I guess they are into projection and denial.

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