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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Greetings from Williams, California

Who needs MetroFi in Portland? I'm sitting in a gas station off I-5 in Williams, California, and somebody's got a nice little open wireless pod going. A bloggable moment, and no banner ads.

Two hours down the road from the Bay Area peninsula, smack in the heart of Cal ag country. We've had some fog here and there -- with misty rain to go with it in San Francisco proper as we left before dawn -- but as in most of the Golden State, once you're out of the rush hour mess, you put cruise control on 75 and go.

Our soundtrack so far has been KFOG radio, a little Bay Area jazz station, and once the signal from the city gave out, Beck's "Odelay" in its glorious entirety. Next up: the Everly Brothers, if the ancient cassette deck in the car will play it. That ought to get us at least halfway to Redding. ("Halfway to Redding" -- wasn't that a Grateful Dead song?) More from there, we hope.

Comments (5)

You are not here for the Scam Tram Ribbon Tearing?

With 60 MPH winds it should be a blast!

Don't forget your barf bucket.

I spent a week in Williams one afternoon with a broken fan belt. I know the territory well.

Fortunately you're well north of Lodi, speaking of 60s tunes.

Know that area well. My parents live in Oroville, and my brother was stationed at Beale AFB for 5 years...

Is it too early to stop for olive tasting in Corning?

Cynthia, it's never a "wrong time" to taste olives in Corning. See, olives are "pickled" (or "cured") and then put into jars where they will remain good for months if not years. There is a business right off the freeway where you can sample about 100 different olives/ways of curing them.... year round.
However, if you are wondering if olives are being picked right now...yep,the picking season is in full swing....but you NEVER want to taste an olive "fresh" off a tree.. they are too bitter to chew, much lest swallow

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