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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Got a question for Zari?

Oh man, not since pro wrestling left town has there been an event that promises as much fun as this one:

Before we begin moving forward, PP&R Director Zari Santner would like to take the time to look back – and to answer any remaining questions about the overall maintenance facilities plan and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Warner Pacific College.
I hope they sell refreshments. Will the Scone be there making his little pained face? Will Big Pipe come by and explain it all from a Dunthorpe point of view? Will Santner's nose grow visibly as she answers questions? Will Robin Grimwade share his "champagne dreams" speech? Maybe the president of Warner Pacific will show up and personally threaten to move out of town.

January 16... PCC on 82nd... be there for PPR RAW!!!

(Warning: In order to participate fully in the public participation process for the sellout of Portland's Parks, you will have to attend 116 meetings and 10 "charrettes." Otherwise, you will be completely ignored. As soon as you get tired, the property will be handed over to the condo weasels. But thanks for showing up and making it look like we care about you.)

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You mean Big Pipe lives in Portland's most(?) sprawling neighborhoods. Shame on him.


Actually, he lives in Burlingame. But title to his soul is clearly up at a higher elevation. "You are a profile in courage, Dan." What sleaze.

If WP threatens to move, they will get the property and a tram to ride to it as well.

Aw, cheeses...It's on a Tuesday night. That cuts me out of the angry crowd of villagers (thanks to work). I guess I'll have to leave my pitch torch unlit and my pitchfork hanging in the barn.

If it ain't a condo, it ain't squat in this town (unless it's a tram - or light rail or bike lanes or a streetcar).

BTW - hang out at Sam Adams blog and you will finally figure out that streetcars are the panacea for all that ails ... anything and anyone. He does stuff for bikes too, but only for the vote potential.

The thing that troubles me is how the nature of parks is changing. I remember a similar issue about ten years back, when Fred Meyer wanted to take over or "trade" parts of the park kiddycorner to Cleavland HS. Jordon was in charge then, a politician yes, but also an honorable man, and when the neighborhood spoke he listened, and parks powers that be figured out a sweetheart deal for a corporation didn't merit redevelopment of a resource in an area that desparately needed it.

I have live in the corporate world, and what is happening at parks looks to me like the stategey used in the private sector to bust unions. I want to thank you Jack, and your readers for posting so much good information. It helps to fit together the puzzle. Particularly the information on Mr. Grimwade and what he did when he was director of Austrailia's premier park selling it off to private interests with 50 year "leases" and contracting out the workforce.

I would guess knowing the ilk of the people in charge now that the exobitant number that they came up with for buying new land and refurbishing the Maintenance facilities, is all a ruse to exercise the clause in the union contract to privitize the service. After all if you amortize the upgrade and get those folks a decent place to work, it is millions of dollars a year, and I can just hear the argument, when crunch time and thier Levy runs out and they face a multi-million shortfall in operating budget, have to lay off workers, and if they privitize then they don't have to build new maintenance facilities for the union workers and can bring back service with contract labor.

Whoa, so that's it. Solving the "puzzle" leads to yet another plot to attack the helpless PE unions. I knew it!

The only part I don't get is where Eugene Levy fits in. Why DID he run out?

There's evil afoot...

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