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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Getting up early

Guess who was visiting here before dawn this morning, viewing the post about Vladimir Golovan:

Nice to see you, visitor, for the good of America...

Comments (7)

I wonder if the computer our friend was using to view this page, was "financed" by us taxpayers?

At least she still remembers us. Hey, can one still form a posse in eastern MT?

Investigative reporting, Jack. I see a 5 part series coming.

Didya happen to see that she's got her own "fan club" with available merchandise?

I'm all over that B!X thong.


"Dr." Golovan's Russian Chamber of Commerce seems to have 1 corporate member and 2 governmental organization members - Comcast, City of Vancouver, and the Multnomah County Commissioners.

I wonder if Comcast knows who they are doing business with.

And I really wonder if they actually paid the $1500 membership fee.

And I really really wonder if the Multnomah County Commissioners paid their $350 of MY tax money to "Dr." Golovan. I sure hope not...

I wonder if Emilie wears her own merchandise? Bet she looks stunning in that OY! B!x thong...

That woman ought to be a snake oil salesman in a freak show.

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