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Thursday, December 7, 2006

From the Dept. of *Way* Too Much Information

People ragged on me last year when I blogged ever-so-tastefully about my then-just-concluded colonoscopy. Well, they sure don't want to head over to TaxProf Blog today, where blogmeister Paul Caron not only shares his scope story but includes with his post a color photo of the inside of his intestine. (NOT LUNCH SAFE!)

In a way, though, it's an appropriate post for a tax lawyer. Paul's piece examining his bowels is right in keeping with his in-depth profiles of the tax-writing committees in Congress.

Comments (4)

I can't let this opportunity pass without mentioning my joke for after a colonoscopy.
Tell the doctor, "This has been a very meaningful experience, but I think I still want to see other doctors."

Bill, that's every bit as funny now as it was last year.

Wow, I thought you said the old comments went away? I'm going to have to rewrite my act.

Wasn't that long ago the State of Oregon sold the tools for such inspections on eBay and for an excellent price.

Likely some hobbyist out there scored a buy.

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