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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

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Here at Blog Central we've been working on our annual charity day, which will be coming up between now and Christmas. For the past three years, we've combined narcissism with philanthropy via Buck-a-Hit Day, in which we gave $1 for every unique visit to this blog in a single day, up to a pre-set maximum.

Last year we hit the max ($1,250) by 3:00 in the afternoon, and this year we won't be able to raise the dollar ceiling much, if at all. So there's no longer much suspense in that format.

I'm thinking about asking a little more of my readers this year. My current idea is to make it Buck-a-Comment Day -- to get me to give a buck to charity, readers will not only have to show up but also be required to leave a comment appropriate to the holiday season.

As with last year, I'm also currently inclined to make the last $250 a match -- we'll match what readers give, up to that amount. To reach the max, therefore, it would take 1,000 comments and $250 in cash from you folks.

Anyway, I have found that readers have a better sense of these things than I do. Short of giving readers the money and having them give it away, Oprah-style, how can I best get my blogging audience involved in my year-end charity donations? Rather than rewarding good comments, should I ask the readers to somehow help me allocate the overall donations among charities?

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It would be nice to see one charity get it all. Take a poll, exercise your veto, accept contributions - who knows, you might be surprised - we all might be surprised.

Ho, Ho, Ho! - Oy!

I think

that is an

excellent idea.

lemme know when....

maybe the content of the comments could contain pursuasive arguments for particular charities -- best argument or most plugs for the same charity could maybe win. just a thought. who got the money last year? i can't remember.

I'll pledge $100.00 and would like to nominate St. Andrew Nativity School http://www.nativityportland.com/.

Disclosure: my brother teaches there.

Goose Hollow Family Shelter

Virginia Garcia Medical Clinic

Oregon Food Bank

Any organization that was helping Jim Jim Chasse when he was murdered errrr homicide.

And not the Portland Police Bureau. Enough of Oregon's Open Air Mental Health care.

ooh, yeah, i second that motion for virginia garcia clinic. we took a field trip there last month in my health and poverty law class. they rock. good people doing good work. they deserve money.

This is good. Keep talkin', folks.

BTW, last year's recipients were Oregon Food Bank, the Food Pantry of St. Philip Neri Church (which I attend), Daybreak Shelter for homeless families, and the Oregon Chapter of the Children's Heart Foundation.

And I misremembered -- last year we gave $1,250, plus a match of another $250, for a total contribution of $1,500 by us and $250 by generous readers.

good job giving money to daybreak -- there are so few shelters for families. it's really a shame, especially considering the high numbers of homeless kids in this city.

donation button?

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