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Monday, December 4, 2006

Down to earth

Now that the OHSU Health Club aerial tram [rim shot] has been unwrapped and the keys turned over to the hospital bigwigs, attention is turning to the backup transit system that will shuttle passengers between Pill Hill and the SoWhat district when the tram is unable to run (which I suspect will be often). Although it's far less glamorous than the clips of the Floating Twinkies, they have been shooting video of some of the test runs of the backup system, and they can be found here. (It's a pretty noisy video, though, and so you may want to turn the sound down a little.)

Comments (2)

I'm impressed with that technology. Especially the way it responded to being kicked. I almost expected it to turnaround and bite.


Now if we could only see a video of Fireman Randy riding that thing.

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