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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Dime-dropping dad

What a sad story -- what an awful thing for a father to have to do.

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When Anderson asked the teen to rate his burglar skills on a 1-10 scale, the 15-year-old replied, "8 or 9; I think I pretty much am at the peak of what I'm physically capable of."


Must be those video games like Grand Theft Auto, right?

I'm pretty sure those are the guys that hit my place the day after election day. Backdoor kicked in, loose change, DVD's and jewelry box taken. $1300.00 in damage to my house.

Good on him for reporting his own kids--can't even imagine how hard that would be. By the same token, however, if the gang has 15 kids in it, that makes another dozen or so parents who are probably ignoring the exact same signs that caused him to call the cops.

Dave J.,

Or, I wonder how many parents would actually be upset at this Dad for turning in the kids.

Not only did this father have the cajones to do what he felt was right, who can say that he didn't keep some of these kids from being seriously hurt or seriously injuring someone else in the future?

Some burglaries end poorly when the thief craps-out and hits the house with an owner holding a shotgun.

I have 2 boys, ages 8 & 9. I've always told them that if I catch them breaking the law, I'll be the first one to call the police. That dad should get major kudos for having the guts to do it.

Some burglaries end poorly when the thief craps-out and hits the house with an owner holding a shotgun.

No, I think that's only the cops on drug raids at the wrong house.

Hopefully he's not at risk now for doing the right thing. According to the article some of these kids have been accused of assaulting parents who tried to intervene. I agree, this is one dad that oughta be recognized when the local hero awards are being handed out.

I'm also betting that the kid who stole my son's iPod was in this group - location fits, along with the fact that he was tied into one other petty theft and a home break-in right before my son's loss.

(This all happened in October, I b logged about it at the time...)


The good news is we have a clear winner for PDX "Father of the Year".

Is Wednesday still visiting day at Donald E. Long?

I'll bake a cake.

This quote from the "Father of the Year" says it all:

"If they did steal this stuff, hopefully this brush with the law will make them realize it's not worth it." (emphasis mine)

Is that the same as wrong?

Didn't think so.

Pot addicted teen burglary gangs? The only thing I find odd, unfortunately, is that pot is their drug of motivation. Hmm. I've always equated property crimes with meth, hard, or designer drugs. I'll bet, while some valuable items were passed up, there wasn't a snack left unscathed! Father/son fence operation. Ah, the modern day apprenticeship. Good luck breaking up that ring. How do we as a society address the root cause of such combination theiving? Why are these young people idled into leaving reality and living off the edge in a criminal cabal. Why isn't there some more attractive (reality based) alternative for pursuit by these budding adults? Seems like lots of future measure 11 convicts. Best build a few more prisons in depressed communities. Eh?

No, I think that's only the cops on drug raids at the wrong house.

umm, Indymedia tends only to use parts of the story fitting their "anti-cop" agenda.

The report I read said that an undercover agent bought drugs from someone at the house earlier in the day, and drugs were found in the house during the search.

Whether or not she knew they were there is another story, but she still shouldnt have shot at the cops when they announced themselves.

If that was my kid, I'd take him on a little trip to Alaska, and let him walk home. That is NOT acceptable... I know parents have to work, but geezus.

This sounds like those cream-of-the-crop Grant High seniors from about a decade ago, who I recall committed several armed robberies in the same area. As I recall, wasn't the ringleader the son of a well-known attorney? I can't remember if this was pre- or post-Measure 11.

I blame the latest wave in part on the trash that flows daily from outlets like Jammin' 95 radio. "F*ck the Police" -- they didn't make that up themselves. Some record company in L.A. sold it to them. Nowadays, murder is just a cute cellphone ringtone.

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