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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Buck-a-Hit Day (and comment contest) is Tuesday

Please be sure to be here on Tuesday for Buck-a-Hit Day, a holiday tradition in which we give $1 to charity for every unique visit to this blog (up to a certain amount). I have thought a fair amount about this year's format, and here it is:

For each of the first 1,000 hits that day, we'll give 50 cents to the Food Pantry at St. Philip Neri Church in southeast Portland, 25 cents to the Children's Heart Foundation, Oregon Chapter, and 25 cents to a charity to be named by one of our readers (see details below), for a total of $1,000.

In addition, we'll match up to another $500 total donated by our readers to the Oregon Food Bank and the Daybreak Shelter for homeless families.

To get readers involved, we're going to let one of you steer $250 of our Buck-a-Hit donations. The reader who submits the best comment that day on the topic of the winter holidays -- Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or whatever -- will get to name where the first $250 goes. The only restriction is that the recipient be a charity that qualifies for tax-deductible contributions under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.

Details on how to submit your entry to the comment contest, and how to chip in on the match, will be forthcoming shortly. But all you have to do is show up here Tuesday to get me to give it up for the less fortunate. It should be a fun day.

Comments (9)

you're awesome.

You're kidding.

nope. dead serious.

If your readers match your $500 pledge to the Oregon Food Bank, we will contribute $500 directly to the OFB ourselves.

WOO HOO! Double match.

Hey Mr. Fearless and Jack -

How about we make this a little fun? I'll match every reader dollar between $500 and $1,000.


If I'm doing the math right, that would make it a $3,500 day!

$1500 from me, $1000 from readers, $500 from mr. fearless, and $500 from Greg M.


The mrfearless47 $500 is ONLY for the Oregon Food Bank. There are a whole raft of other charities - Virginia Garcia Clinic ($250), A Children's Place ($250), PLAN (an adoption agency - $100) that will also receive donations from us about the same time. They just aren't directly in response to the plan here. And this doesn't count the other donations we've made earlier in the year to St. Marys ($1000), our local Church (St Clare's - 2500), Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ($250) etc.

My hat's off to you Jack for both your services to the community and for your generosity. You inspire others to do the same.

I just donated $500 to the OFB. It would have gone to a pedriatic aids charity without this thread: but the idea of kids going hungry is just as bad as suffering from HIV.

I do have one request: a standing Tram thread (or link to past Tram threads).

The TV coverage of the Mayor's ride was hilarious: no windshield wipers on the outside and very little rain protection on the platforms = raindrops on the camera lens and the windows...Nary a view to be seen. Fair weather tourists, only?

Good thing it doesn't rain around here.

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