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Monday, December 11, 2006

Boyles campaign investigation: Day 252

Another month has gone by, and a state criminal investigation into possible fraud by Vladimir Golovan (left) in the campaign finance swindle by Portland city commission candidate Emilie Boyles is supposedly continuing. As you may recall, to get Boyles her "clean money," Golovan turned in signatures that by all accounts were fakes, and he claimed to have collected $5 campaign contributions for Boyles from people who later told reporters they made no such donations. Nobody checked the signatures or the stories before forking over $150,000 of tax money to Boyles.

She then took the money and spent a good portion of it on stuff that wasn't allowed under the rules, and when called out on it, she paid back only about half and then skipped town. She's making just a breath over minimum wage in a forlorn portion of eastern Montana now. Who knows what Golovan's doing?

But it's reassuring to know that the rough, tough investigation is continuing. There was supposed to be a grand jury convened last month -- wonder what came of that. Anyway, the important thing is that the "voter-owed elections" system "continues to work."

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Why is the Gov smiling so broadly? What did he know, and when did he know it?

Opie was reelected without making a single phone call to ask Homer & Company or the West Hills Mafia for a check.

And just look at all the additional progress he made with the time he otherwise would have spent fundraising.

-Free Wi-Fi blankets two square blocks
-Downtown storefronts: fully leased
-The homeless got new coats (thanks Schumachers!)
-The Tram is fully operational (coat/gloves optional)
-FBI: still no mole
-2% for Art: fully funded

The system works just fine. Go back to sleep.

In Opie's case, one should look at all the past years spread sheets of campaign contributions. Homer and all associated with the Homer Boys, paid over $100,000 to Opie to his "campaign war chest". No conflict there.

I sure hope the Oregonian writes full-scale articles on Boyles and Golavan, make editorial comments, badmouth and insinuate as they have done to Sizemore.

Why is the Gov smiling so broadly?

I don't have any idea. But given that he's wearing a pin that has the WICCO logo on it, I'm assuming that this is some standard bullshit "wait your turn" photo with a politician at a community college graduation ceremony of some sort.

[Full disclosure: I built wicco.org and tedforgov.com, but know nothing about this photo and speak only for myself.]

Sure, run away from him now.

I'm sure Kari wouldn't be quite so forgiving if it was a smiling Jack Abramoff standing next to Gordon Smith.

There is no such thing as "wait your turn" photos where Republican reelections are concerned.

Hello kids: today's phrase is "Blind Partisanship" Let's say it together.

I'm sure Kari wouldn't be quite so forgiving if it was a smiling Jack Abramoff standing next to Gordon Smith.

So now we are comparing Vladimir Golovan to Jack Abromoff?.....

The Trib says that something's happening with this today.


You're so right. Abramoff was stealing from the tribes to buy congressmen, Vladimir was stealing from the taxpayers to help Emilie (and himself) get their grubby paws on $150k.

Besides geographic scope and legal jurisdiction, I'm not sure they're all that different. Vladimir just needs more time to develop his client list.

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