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Friday, December 29, 2006

Beavers forever!

An incredible ending to a fantastic football season. Congratulations!

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What a gutsy call to go for two!

I come from a Duck family, but I'm not afraid to say GO BEAVS!

Oh, and when I told my wife who was playing in this game she replied, "So it's the 'Show Me Your Beaver Bowl.'"

As a suffering Duck fan, I now know how Yosemite Sam felt when he said, "I hate that rabbit. . ."

If the two-point conversion had failed, bandwagon fans like me would be second-guessing forever. Gutsy, indeed. What a team.

Partay in C-town tonight!

All through the second half, the camera on the Missouri sideline captured overjoyed players giving speeches to the people back home: "What's up St. Joe.", etc... At one point a Chad Johnson want-to-be with a leopard-patterned blonde mohawk went into a prolonged flame to the camera. You could clearly here a coach say something like, "Uh, guys, could we focus on the game a little more." It was right then that I thought, "These bastards deserve to lose." Perhaps I was already a little irritated to have the Gerald Ford funeral coverage interrupt the game in the first half. The OSU radio team - who are really good by the way - even gave a shout-out to the TV viewers who had just grabbed their radios. Thank God they got the game back on for the 2nd half. Earlier when the Beavs beat USC I suggested on this very blog, that OSU should give tenure to Coach Riley. Sure it was meant in jest since so many wanted his head, but after today, I ask the question again: Can you give a coach tenure?

I'm sure he'll settle for a million bucks.

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