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Friday, December 29, 2006

Bassy's bombing out

Ex-Trail Blazer Sebastian Telfair's been proving with the Boston Celtics what we said the whole time he was here: He's just not that good. Now he's been taken out of the Celts' starting lineup, and he can't seem to shoot his way out of a paper bag. I hope he knows where his handgun is, at least. Meanwhile, Portland's got three solid point guards in Jarrett Jack, Brandon Roy, and Sergio Rodriguez -- quite the net improvement.

The Blazers have a problem in the middle, however. I hate to say it, but they played better when Joel Przybilla was out with an injury. Jamaal Magloire isn't anything to write home about, but between him and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Blazers have sufficient talent in there that they can afford to experiment with not starting Przybilla every game. The chemistry among the big guys just doesn't seem right, at least not yet.

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Finding the talent to play center is the eternal problem for most teams in the NBA. When we had Walton we were awesome. Then we searched for years to replace him, even drafting Bowie instead of you know who.
Kevin Duckworth was the lucky break - a big man as a project who turned out to be pretty darn good. He had weight issues but he was active and he could shoot. As soon as we had the big man problem solved we had the second great era with the Clyde team.
Now we're back with the center situation again. Aldridge isn't getting time although he's the most talented. He would be a throwback to the Michael Thompson era - the undersized athlete who is playing out of position.
Meanwhile the dreaded Lakers are grooming another 19-year-old, 7-footer to be the center of their next great era, and we're stuck.

Then there was the missed chance with Sabonis. Damn cold war...

Then there was the missed chance with Sabonis.

Could you imagine? Five or six banners hanging from the rafters. Kids worldwide wearing Clyde's #22 instead of Jordan's #23. Never would have traded away the best player in team (league?) history for Otis Thorpe and Randolph Childress. Management was roasted on a spit for drafting Sabonis. Turns out they were right.

What I wouldn't give for a benevolent group like Weinberg and Glickman to come save this franchise.

Speaking of what might have been, how about having Moses Malone with Walton before the salary cap? That could have been a mini-dynasty.
As for Sabonis, we did almost make it to the top even with this broken down old Russian giant. Oh, those 13 missed shots against LA.
Speaking of LA, you notice how much they talk about Magic Johnson and his admitted greatness. Well, Magic never won an NBA championship without Kareem playing center.

Uh oh, I just remembered that time Kareem got hurt for the deciding game and Magic played center. It's all still in there, it just takes a while to come back out.

Aldridge couldn't shoot for toffee against the 76ers on Friday night, yet he kept choosing to throw the ball up. I couldn't decide if he was showing courage or being plain selfish....

Jack, they're only playing Magloire to showcase him for a trade.

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