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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Bad night in Hoosierville

Not only did the Blazers lose in Indiana, but self-proclaimed gangsta Zach Randolph responded to a heckler with an obscene gesture and a swear word. Now he's in trouble, again, right when his all-star play on the court could be gaining him new respect. Ah, the Blazers. First they beat the Pistons in Detroit -- a pretty good feat -- then they play the Bucks quite close, only to fall back two steps with this. They've still got some growing up to do.

In other Blazer news, rumor has it that Jamaal Magloire may get shipped to New Jersey (where the Nets are at a crossroads) in exchange for Jason Collins, one of the big man twins out of Stanford.

Comments (5)

The Blazers, half-*ssed, just like PDX itself. Or, at least, the City Council's ethics.

No wonder Magloire came alive and actually scored in the last couple of games. For such an intelligent guy who allegedly was an all-star once, he sure has turned out to be a big blob.

I couldn't believe what I heard the other night on a local post-game show. A caller suggested the Blazers trade Zach now that his stock is through the roof. The host called the caller crazy and asked why the team would want to trade an all-star like Zach. It's funny, because this was exactly the scenario every Blazer fan dreamed of three months ago. Zach would be on his best behavior, be a monster force for the team, and the Blazers would convince some sap team to overpay for him. It would seem we've talked ourselves into being the saps.

He needs to go. He needs to go now. I wonder if Ben Wallace would like it out here...

Actually, if his contract weren't so ridiculous, he'd probably be gone by now.

"He needs to go. He needs to go now."

Agreed, now we only need to find a NBA team dumb enough to take over his contract and put up with his BS.

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