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Saturday, December 2, 2006


A couple of summers back, I wondered whatever had happened to 7-Up, a favorite soda pop of my childhood. At the time, it appeared that nothing had happened to it, other than a falling market share.

But this week, I pushed past the Sprite at the grocery store and actually got my hand on a can of 7-Up, and now something has happened. It tastes different. According to the can, it's now "100% natural." Of course, coming from a big corporation, the word "natural" can't be trusted, but there's no question that the flavor has morphed. Now 7-Up tastes more like Hansen's, or even Limonata, than like Sprite.

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7-up is one of my favorites. You should try it with real sugar instead of corn syrup (Mexican bottler). It is fantastic.

It still contains high fructose corn syrup. That's about as natural as jet fuel.

I am similarly guarded with any product labelled "Organic"...

The diet is made with Splenda now -- almost as sweet as the regular stuff.

That's about as natural as jet fuel.

Mmmmmm......jet fuel.

It smelled like victory.

CSPI to Sue Cadbury Schweppes over “All Natural” 7UP

sorry was trying to post this link as well

I usually buy generic "lemon flavored" brands and find them about the same as 7-UP.

"CSPI to Sue Cadbury Schweppes"

I wonder if they've heard about the avocado affair.

The local 7-Up distributor went bank-o a few years ago, but I have been able to find it when I look usually.

For another tasty treat, try the new Sierra Mist Cranberry. It is smooth.

I am similarly guarded with any product labelled "Organic"...

I'm with ya here. When you're bored sometime, take a look at the history of "pink grapefruit" and then try to figure out how one could ever be organic.

When 7-UP changed, they had a little bit of press about how they were making it "better." I wrote them a letter explaning that I liked it just the way it was, and that changing it would be wrong. They wrote me back the most assine letter ever, saying that they weren't "changing" the flavor, just making it "better." How is that NOT a change? I tried the improved version, didn't like it, and haven't bought it since.

They would do well to stick with the recipe that made them billions. But I guess they never got the "New Coke" memo...

They should bring back the ORIGINAL (pre-1950) formula, which contained lithium. That's where the "up" came from in 7-Up.

I think they should add back the lithium AND some jet fuel.


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