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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Roy G. Biv

Got into the annual chore today -- the raking of the leaves. We have just one humble dogwood tree, but our neighbors have some big boys -- plums and gums -- that drop all sorts of stuff. And hmmm, none of those folks seem to get out there with the rake much.

Well, today they missed out. Toward the end of our labors, my helper and I were rewarded with the sight of a spectacular, full rainbow -- one end up on Alameda Ridge and the other in Grant Park. Between that and checking out the worms we found in the leaf piles, it was quite the fun interlude.

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And the amended: M VEM J SUN

Annual chore? It's a three- part process around here - neighbors have leaves that exit early; my own leaves hang on to the bitter end. Yet I've learned through experience that you don't wait until the bitter end, thinking that it's easier to do them all at once.

I did part one today. Parts two and three are still to come - although it'll probably happen sooner than later given the wind storm that's on the way.

Did Part I of the big rake yesterday. Woke up this morning, after the wind storm, and the lawn is totally covered again. But I kind of like this annual chore.

My biggest beef is with Portland's leaf depots. Turns out they won't take your load if it contains pine needles -- although it didn't say that on the website. This is Oregon -- am I the only one with a big pine tree next to large maples?

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