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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One less thing to worry about

Surgery was completed successfully and [Darius] Miles is expected to begin a rehabilitation process that will cause him to miss the duration of the season.

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Mark my words. Because Darius won't negatively influence the rest of the team, the Blazers WILL make the playoffs!!

You watch! They're that good this year.

Zebo is on a tear and JJ is showing why they got rid of Telfair. And did you see Aldridge the other night??? He looked like Sheed without the attitude. This team is going places.

Zebo is on a tear

That's why she sued him.

why they got rid of Telfair

Because Nate knows a stinker when he smells one.

They have to get either Roy or Webster healthy, and fairly quickly. That, and Zach has to stay out of jail.


I think the "X" factor here is Nate's ability to get these guys to believe in both a work ethic and a winners ethic. If they start to have that Blazer Pride which has been missing since 2000, this team will go far, real far.

Oh yeah, having Roy healthy helps too.

And, actually, even once he is recovered, there are many types of new and expensive body scanners and magnetic imagers that I think it would be wise to apply to Miles after the end of his current recovery. You can't be too careful, you know. I think, given the appropriate precautions and the resulting new surgeries, we can guarantee he will miss at least the next five years of play. But he should be okay at that point.

I wish they'd do microfracture surgery on his brain while they're at it.

Need Roy back soon it looks like. Stephen Graham played 31 mins in tonight's L and hoisted up 10 shots. Yech.

I hear they made a movie out of his surgery:

"Saw 4"

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