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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coast town seeking new name

Apparently the name Depoe Bay is a trademark infringement of "eBay," or so say the lawyers.

I'm surprised that Home Depot hasn't jumped in on the intellectual property madness.

When they write the history of the decline and fall of American civilization, this kind of soul-sapping incident will be in there prominently.

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I'm surprised Depoe Bay hasn't gone for the corporate sponsorship package and become:

Home Depoe Bay

Is confusion really that likely?

"Edith" is a jerk.

It is a**holes like Edith who provide further excuses for adults and kids to treat intellectual property laws with contempt. This is more than a bit over the top. What, is eBay going to next threaten to sue the town of Depoe Bay if it doesn't reincorporate under a different name.

I wonder if www.go_to_depoe_bay would fly? It might pass the lawyers (or not), but it would be a p*i*t*a for potential travellers.

We can start a little closer to home as well, and lump the Tilamook Creamery folks in with this one, for their memorable lawsuit against the city of Bandon for...using the name Bandon.

Actually, for those not inclined to click on the link, eBay's not after the municipality of Depoe Bay... at least not yet. They're after some guy who's using "depoebay" in a web domain relating to travel to that town.

Wasnt Depoe Bay named after an indian or something? (although if they make a big issue from that, the PC busy-bodies may make them change it anyway)

And when was Depoe Bay founded? I have a suspicion is was long before 1998 when Ebay was started. I think the city would be able to keep its name.

eBay has exactly zero chance of winning a lawsuit over this.

I think Depoe Bay should sue eBay for illegally using a shortened form of the Depoe Bay name, possibly confusing the many tourists and whale watchers who turn to the web for Depoe Bay information.

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