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Friday, October 6, 2006

You're on notice!

(Via Raging Red.)

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I'm touched :-)

Where's the Portland Police Bureau? I somehow find the police a more convincing target for your anger, Jack, than those evil, evil "Stennies."

The Stennies are the reason we have killer cops. They're so busy being groovy and building condo farms that they haven't had time to notice our serious problems in the police brutality department.

Oh, the Stennies will make a big show about pulling the police force out of the federal anti-terror task force in the name of civil liberties. So progressive. But when the cops kill some unarmed person for looking at them funny, you don't hear much from the bus kids.

Love the Colbert reference...

But holy cow Jack, it's such a unbelievable stretch to say that 'Stennies' are to blame for police violence. Every P.D. in the country is like a citadel with a moat... they view outsiders with suspicion.

Change can only happen in the Portland Police from within, or if the mayor presses the issue. Many of the same liberals you decry have been protesting the department for years on the issue of brutality...

"The Stennies are the reason we have killer cops."

A classic. It's gotta be hard work spinning absolutely anything to bash people on your pooplist.

I'd be much more interested in the mayor addressing the problem. Or the mayor before him...or before her.

Geez Louise!

"Stennies, Pooplist, and Killer Cops, Oh my"

Kudos to you Jack for creating real Pop art on the blog!

Jack, since you have awoken the Stennies, I'll add some caffeine.

Where were the Stennies, and the Environmentalists when North Macadam was being planned for 12 years: violating a flood plain; violating the Greenway Regs on "stepping down heights"-"similar in scale to nearby surroundings"; lack of public parks for proposed population; no public bidding on land purchases/sales; ignoring public imput with sound, accurate data; ah, heck, the list goes on ??????

Some of us are seeing the connections, and they are not much of a stretch-"Pop Art".

I love to bait the Stennies. They take everything so seriously, and they're so funny.

Oh, I forgot, Stennies love density of any kind-it is saving the world; except when it comes to Mississippi Ave. They're fun and consistent.

Stennie by comment association eh? I guess with that logic I can conclude you're Lars's boy like Steve Schopp because you and he agree on some things? Yeeeks. I know how much you love to be lumped in with some of your commenters.

I'm not a current fan of any of the commishes, but my personal pooplist is headed by Gunga Dan, for flipping on SOWA. Next up is the police bureau for what you've accurately described as a 'mean streak'.

"I love to bait the Stennies."

Well, what's going on here? I like to come to this site because I generally find honest, if impassioned, debate. "Baiting" means that you really don't care what you say, just as long as you get a rise out of the other person. It can be pure claptrap, but if it sparks a response, then it's served a purpose.

OK, Jack. From now on I won't take anything you write about the "Stennies" seriously. It's just "baiting."

Better yet, stay away.

Best. Bojack. Post. Ever.

"Better yet, stay away."

Yeesh. Demosthenes' place in history is safe.

I had no idea I was a Stennie until now...

Sebastian said,
"""you're Lars's boy like Steve Schopp"""

Who's the boy for who?

Funny how this "Lar's boy" line pops up in a sea of boys doing all sorts of works for the commishes and the various agencies around here.

Whereas it's hard to find any similar duties done by this Lar's listener or any other.

Does regularly calling one's show constitute being a "boy" for the host?

Or are there some other qualifiers?

Furthermore, what does Lars have to do with the info I post on various local issues? Nothing.
But it must be easier to ignore the substance when you have a petty excuse.

So, a Stennie is now a catch-all term for any lefty in town? I think it's worth noting that there's a difference between portland-city council-liberals, rich West Hills liberals, rich Irvington liberals, and middle class Eastside liberals.

It's not fair to be lumped together when it's convenient for an argument. While I'm sure we agree on many crux issues, you can't assume we're all alright with the way SoWhat, the tram, or the Pearl were handled. No liberal I know benefited financially. No liberal I know is doing cartwheels in the street for Eric Sten...

"No liberal I know is doing cartwheels in the street for Eric Sten..."

No, because he eeked out a victory in the primary. Back then, I saw some cartwheelers...

Erik Sten and Dianne Linn should have gotten married and formed the "Eastern Yoga Maharashi Swami Portland School of Raised Consciousness and Thinking Outside the Box." (It could have been on Hawthorne somewhere.)

Both have no practical knowledge of the responsibilities and limitations of local government, but they could have founded a "Let's Make Portland a Fairyland" community and probably attracted a group of followers.

As it happened, they mucked up their respective governments and their headline-grabbing schemes were nothing but a drain on our fragile coffers.

I must confess I am quite amused by the fun factor of using Colbert's "on notice" approach.

I'm not so sure about the Candidates Gone Wild reference. Is that more Sten association or is there some other reason?

It's a lovely event but hardly unbiased.

It's not fair to be lumped together when it's convenient for an argument.

We'll all keep that nugget in mind when we read your future posts.

Old meme, but clever nonetheless.

Stennie? Give me a break. How juvenile and stenist. Just for clarification, what exactly is a Stennie? Rich Irvington? Why? Because Sten lives there?

I used to live in rich Irvington, now I live in rich Alameda. I am sooooooo rich. Can I buy a car now? Get cable TV? Buy airfare to visit my family? Buy some padded bike shorts so my ass doesn't hurt? Or get a new roof or some insulation for the house?

But back to the original question. What is a Stennie? Am I a Stennie because I voted for him? Please don't tell anyone. And above all, please don't say I'm a...sshh (liberal).

rickyragg said: We'll all keep that nugget in mind when we read your future posts.

You do that ricky. Please post the rules we all should follow for future posts. Be sure to alert the media if we step out of bounds.

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