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Friday, October 20, 2006

Will that be cash or trade?

A reader writes:

I see Jeff Cogen got $1000 from Tracy Blakesee, the owner of Fantasy Video. Was this cash or an in-kind donation, I wonder?
An even better question: Why in heaven's name aren't the county commission candidates' campaign finance reports posted to the internet?

Lonnie, sisters -- please do us a favor. Take a break from scratching each other's eyes out for a minute, and scan those babies in for all the world to see.

Comments (5)

LIBRULS don't mind a little porn...They enjoy it, actually.

May we assume you don't?

Nothing is as obscene as your comments.

I agree - put the C&E's online.

As for Tracy Blakeslee... The "Tracy gave 'em money" complaint is old, old, old... The earliest I remember is back to 1996 in the Sten/Francesconi/Shibley race. He gave to Gail Shibley.

I don't know Tracy, never met him, but I do know that he's largely concerned with gay rights issues.

I'd also recommend reading this seven-year-old profile in WW. Pretty interesting stuff...

Without question, the 46-year-old Blakeslee is Portland's premier pornographer. ... All together, he has 85 employees and annual revenues he puts at "not quite" $10 million.

He's done it by taking the dirty out of the dirty bookstore business.

You won't find broken windows or naked bulbs inside a Fantasy Adult Video: Blakeslee's stores are modern, clean and well-organized, sort of like a Blockbuster with blinky lights. His refusal to restrict his stores to run-down parts of town has led to clashes with neighborhood groups and city regulators.

At the top of the linked Oregonian article, I read: "...Derrick Foxworth, was a protg who breakfasted...".


Was this supposed to be "prodigy"? Gosh, pretty far off.

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