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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Who says Bush and Cheney are mean?

They're really nice to some people.

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Glad they took it easy on poor ol' Chevron. Aw shucks, this must be what they meant by 'Compassionate Conservative'.

If our country bothered to collect all taxes it is owed, and close the most blatent loopholes, we could be on our way to a balanced budget. Of course, we'd also have to put the brakes on Bush/Cheney's pork, er, privatization fever.

You mean W and Deadeye Dick bent over for the oil companies?

I hear a hankie in W's left rear pocket means he takes.

I hear a hankie in Deadeye Dick's right rear pocket means he gives.

I hear hankies in both pockets mean "do what you want, but clean up after yourself."

Thanks to RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman for the gay slang. You hot boy!

Windfall profits tax should be imposed and used to fund retrofits at refineries. Cheaper and more effective than New Source Review litigation or waiting for the oil companies to be forced to do it by corporate Congress.

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