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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Uptown Saturday night

Daylight Savings Time is about to end, and that long, dark, damp period that can drive Pacific Northwesterners to drink is nigh. So let's see... this Saturday night... turn the clocks back and catch an extra hour's sleep... check the batteries in the smoke alarms... and, er, check your toilet for leaks? For Pete's sake, Fireman Randy, get a life!

Potty pills.

Comments (4)

I have questions.

Blue and yellow make what? The color of PDC Money perhaps?

Or was this an attempt to tint the Willamette so as to conceal the shades of combined flow?

I'm confused....don'tcha check out the toilet when you have to leak?

I look out my front window the great willamette. I look out my back window I see snow covered Hood and St. Helens with the mighty columbia in the foreground only a politician could convince me we have a water problem. That same politician wants to convince me that illegal immigration is great, there's water for everyone here in the northwest.

Maybe Al gore can answer how much water one human consumes compared to what a 24-7 bubbler wastes in a day.

In the mean time I wouldn't worry about your toilet

That green in your toilet is the money that Teddy boy is flushing away. Nice job, Oregon. Keep electing liberal Democrats and keep flushing away...

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