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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The great debate

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Kulo definitely wins the power suit/power tie competition.

Saxton may not be the ideal conservative candidate, but he's the best you're going to see so long as MultCo remains as lopsidedly liberal as the status quo.

Kulo could be running against Goldschmidt himself, and I still wouldn't vote to reelect Kulo.

And the idea that they're criticizing each others TV spots. Puhleeeeaaaasssse? Since when do opponents represent each other fairly in TV ads? Duh.

Y'know, on a very --very-- personal level, high falutin' principles aside...

I get to vote for the guy who reduced my pension benefits. Or I get to vote for the guy who wants to reduce my pension benefits even more.

This feels to me like Nixon/Humphrey...when I was a McCarthy guy.

I told the winemaker at Penner-Ash that I had an issue with their "Goldschmidt" vineyard-designated Pinot. Quit their wineclub. What bedrock principles, huh? "Hope I die before I get old."

Saxton's a slug, and we don't really even know what he stands for. On balance, you gotta vote for Ted. Lord help us.

That's what I said last time. This time, we sit it out, or throw it away for Mary.

"This time, we sit it out, or throw it away for Mary"

This is the kind of thinking that gave us GWB in 2000.

If I'm stuck with a "lesser of two evils" choice in a political race, I will vote for the lesser of two evils but will write the candidate I voted for and tell him or her that they got my vote, but include a list of my reservations. Probably doesn't do any good as far as influencing the candidate is concerned, but at least they can't honestly take my vote as a whole-hearted endorsement of their platform or performance.

I fear that I will be writing a few pretty detailed letters this year.

That image is priceless =)

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Vote for Richard Morley.

JK:It is my hope that Ron will deal with our congestion problem by (gasp!) building lane-miles instead of toy trains (which cost too much and do too little.)

He might even try to deal with our housing affordability crisis which is mostly caused by Metro’s bad land policies.

It is probably too much to hope that he might lead against Billions (coming soon) for Homer.

One guy that WILL deal with congestion and waste is Tom Cox for Metro in the west side.


And yet again we get another race which pits tweedle dumb versus tweedle dee. Flip a coin folks, do you want an ineffective democrat or an ineffective republican. I'll be voting for the ineffective republican because this time (unlike the last time) the ineffective democrat has admitted that if we vote him in he will look for tons of ways to increase our taxes. From keeping the kickers to trying to push through a sales tax (with little or no talk about reducing any other tax) - Ted's being honest this time (or so it seems) time to get rid of a man who wants to spend all he can and then come back for more (maybe he's studied the Portland City Council).

To me, it is funny how The Oregonian makes it appear these are fierce rivals.

One tip for Ted's image people: If your candidate is going to be on the front page of the Sunday Oregonian sitting in a canoe, you don't want him without a paddle.

Rumor has it, Scary Mary fears adding more wind/generator turbines will slow the Earth's rotation and upset our climate.

This is the kind of thinking that gave us GWB in 2000.

Yeah, well, that time, that kind of thinking was wrong. This time, it really doesn't matter. Nothing good ever comes out of Salem any more, and nothing will with either of these birds as gov. Just more Tom Imeson/Bernie Giusto/Matt Hennessee appointments and a do-nothing junketeer legislature. Ted does not deserve my vote.

Hold up...

Exactly how much 'good' could Ted do with Karen Minnis' death grip on the legislature? Zero chance anything worth championing would get through her greasy paws unedited.

Oh, imagine the carnage if Saxton got elected (aided by voters sitting it out)... The dust hasn't even settled on the Bush playbook, and it would be born again in Oregon. Saxton + Minnis = one ugly baby.

And please, PLEASE, square with me Mary Starret's assertion that Saxton is a liberal, no different than Ted? Give me an effing break. Oh, I'm sure he's moderated his message when it suited him, but we all know who butters his conservative bread.

Yeah I'm gonna pass on this one. Maybe I'd get up and vote if Saxton was gonna really challenge.

Maybe Teddy K should run on a platform of 'I *couldn't* do anything! It's Karen's fault!'


I've been fairly amused at Saxton's ranting and raving about Kolonoscopi "doing nothing" during his four year tenure.

Cheeses... If that's truly the case, then shouldn't Saxton and all good Repugnantcans be breathing a sigh of relief? I mean...for years, the Repugnantcans posed themselves as the party that supported "the best government is the government that does the least." Is this some kind of change on the part of conpirator...oops, I mean conservative Repugnantcans? Now they want to actually do something? Heaven forbid! We've already seen what "compassionate conservatives" can do when they take power...lie, cheat, and steal.

And yeah...a Saxton-Minnis product really would look like an ugly baby; of thalidomide proportions. We can only hope that with the shift against the Bushits, that our state legislature will reflect that change with a shift away from the Repugnantcans.

The only candidate I've seen who has had the necessary chops to do the job like it should be done took himself out of the race several months back. That showed real class, actually.

Exactly how much 'good' could Ted do with Karen Minnis' death grip on the legislature?...

Karem Minnis has more clout then the Governor? How'd that come about...and isn't that part of the problem with him?

You play the hands you're dealt. Ted folds early. Often.

Still...Jack, you're right, he doesn't deserve our vote, but maybe we can make him earn it in his second term?

The only candidate I've seen who has had the necessary chops to do the job like it should be done took himself out of the race several months back. That showed real class, actually.

It showed he knows that there is no way anyone that belongs to a party other than "D" or "R" has any chance in hell of getting elected in this state, let alone the country. The system has failed us all, and both dominant parties are to blame. Every single politician out there is screwed. They are all lying assholes. And there isnt one in the lot, on either side, that gives a flying crap about anything (or anyone) but themselves keeping power. This may sound a bit cynical, but hey...its all I got left.
When all we get to choose from are these two groups of jerks, our vote really doesnt count any more.

As for what Saxton stands for...he used to be a Dem. And I really believe that someone chooses their political party because of their own internal belief system. Based on morals, based on their feelings for the system. How things should be run for the people. And you just dont "change" those overnight. I dont trust him in the slightest.

Teddy really hasnt done jack his whole time in office, and he publicly says he wants to raise taxes. Why cant someone sit back and see the bureaucracy has to change? They have enough freakin money. Salem is just bloated. They need to thin the herd, but in the right places. Dont just reduce essential services so your friends can keep their nice little jobs.

And Mary...well, she needs to up her meds.

Mary is the reason I'm voting Saxton.

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