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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The better browser

I'm joining the instant chorus on this: The new Firefox 2 with spell-check is fantastic. My blogging software, Movable Type, doesn't have such a feature -- at least, I've never found it -- and so it's nice to have a spell-checking robot on duty as I compose these posts.

As much as I whine about my blog crash, it was that crash that triggered a chain of events that led me to ditch Internet Explorer. Firefox gives me tabbed browsing, better downloading controls, less spyware vulnerability -- I won't be going back any time soon.

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I'm loving FF tonight too, though it has crashed for me a few times. However, that's how I found out about a really cool feature. After typing on my site for way too long without saving, it crashed. I figured I had lost all my work, but when I reopened it, everything came back where I left off, including all my unsaved work. Hard to complain about that!

Funny, the same thing just happened again when I hit the preview button here.

Shhh. Hackers will start targeting FireFox if you tell too many people. Let 'em use IE.

Yes I agree with you, Firefox became a lot more better with the second version. I like the masses of extentions for this browser, which is my favorite for home and office.

Thank you for sharing this sorty with me !

IE7 has tabs too...but so far I am not that impressed with it. I have yet to get Java or ActiveX controls to work correctly. And the worst thing about it, I cant go back to IE6 without reinstalling Windows. So now I use Firefox as well.

Look for the Adblocker extension as well... take a few minutes to learn how it works, and your trips to Oregonlive.com will be less cluttered with obtrusive ads.

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