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Thursday, October 12, 2006

That's more like it

Central City Concern, the outfit that runs the Hooper Detox Center and gets addicted and homeless people back into the mainstream, is talking about building some affordable housing in the Pearl District and at its present site at Burnside and MLK. (The latter would be part of a teardown and rebuild of Hooper, with a tower above.) And unlike the local developer bigwigs who think that "affordable housing" means an $800-a-month studio, the CCC folks are talking about housing actual families who make 30 to 60 percent of the median income.

I can go for that. Let's see if our fine feathered friends in the development community are big enough not to get in the way. Hey, PDC, you want "vision"? This is one.

Meanwhile, the idea of a public market, which once was going to run the Saturday Market out on a rail, has now reportedly been reconfigured as a possible plug-in at Union Station. Also intriguing. Why not?

(Both stories via the O City Hall reporters' blog, which has a new address and a lovely McDonald's logo.)

Comments (6)

One reason why not at Union Station: parking.

Actually, isn't there a giant, brand new (and mostly empty) parking garage next to the Broadway Bridge and Union Station? The market could be the 'linchpin' they've been searching for...

Hmmm. Maybe you're right. Is there a way for a pedestrian to get from one to the other without taking his or her life into his or her hands?

You wouldn't have to cross Broadway (it's elevated over the surface streets), so I don't think there are any high-traffic hazards. Then again, I don't know that part of NW as well as others...

I'm guessing a few Pearlies might welcome such a facility with open arms. Unless property values go down, that is.

That IS more like it.
I'd love to see Hooper expand and build up.
Hooper/CCC have been around this part of town long before it was targeted for fancification.
I can well imagine the shock and horror of the potential buyers of condos in whatever is slated to go in at the Burnside Bridgehead when they find out that the condo tower across the street is really the detox center and low-income housing.
Bonus points if Hooper builds up 40 stories and blocks the Pearlies' view of Mt. Hood.

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