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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

That time again

Have a great night.

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Great picture. Happy Halloween!

Great outfit!

Who got more candy...you, or the kidlets?

Nice costumes, Jack. My wife and I dressed up as first-time parents, and sat on the living-room floor with our two week old, who dressed up as a screaming newborn. Strangely enough, we're still wearing our costumes this morning! ;)

You should have been wearing that outfit when you made me walk the plank at Candidates Gone Wild back in May.

Dave: For you I was the Grim Reaper.

No kidding. I only got out of there alive because I'd brought my harmonica.

Amazingly, the kids you were playing with couldn't play the blues worth a sh*t. Symbolic of the whole event, really.

Well, I can see that everybody but you are wearing dresses of positive heroes while Halloween supposes the day (or the night) when ghosts and witches can be seen :) Were you the only one in the family who was demanding “trick or treat”? :) Your look is really great and impressing, I would give everything I had to such a guy :)

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