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Monday, October 30, 2006

Quotation of the Month

“I think the council should just level with the people and say, 'We’ll listen to you when we want to, and we’ll ignore you the rest of the time.'"

-- Former Portland Mayor Bud Clark, on current Mayor Tom Potter's strategic planning exercise, VisionPDX.

Whoop whoop.

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A $20,000 grant for a visioning play? Oh good God, please tell me this is a joke....

And they want another $175K to analyze the results from the new budget surplus.

I've already suggested alternate uses0 for the money.

It is simple, I vision taking the tax surplus and fixing as many streets as we can; then pay me the $175T for my visioning.

Gotta love Bud Clark. The type of liberal who actually is consistently real in their liberalism.

The type of liberal that might give it a good name.

Potter is trying something useful but he is doing in his governmental style...poorly and at great expense.

Having said that, the more I look into it, the more I am convinced that portland's government sucks as bad as most others.

Gotta love Bud Clark.

You have no idea. That beat-up Schwinn --or whatever-- he rode. He said hello to us peons in City Hall. A decent, honorable guy doing the best he knew how without artifice.

A rare, unique time in Portland City government.

$1.1 million to find out what only 12,000 people think about Portland. That's less than .025 percent of the population. What happened to the 100,000 people Potter claimed he wanted to hear from.

Survey experts will tell you that the results of Potter's vision questionnaire will be statistically meaningless.

Is no one else disturbed by Potter's wasting so much of our hard earned money on a charade in his hope he'll get credit 30 years from now for the city's natural evolution.

He'll get credit alright: As the "Most Incompetent mayor in Portland's history."

Bud Clark was fooled into helping Potter get elected in 2003. Let's hope he won't be made the fool twice.

Urge the rest of the City Council to end this Vision con game NOW. Randy, Erik, Sam, and Dan, please vote NO to $175,000 more in wasteful spending.

The committee overseeing the project includes neighborhood leaders, community organizations, social service providers, minorities and others.


Arent they represented by all of the others? Just like everyone else?

Portland is learning, slowly. But the process still kills anyone who isn't pc, so you will never be able to elect anyone like Clark again, no matter how much you want to.

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