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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Landing on his feet

If there's any doubt that the Rule of Goldschmidt is near its end, check out this news: Buddy Numero Uno of The Neil, Tom Imeson, is shutting down his and Neil's old influence shop and getting a regular day job. But don't worry, scam lovers, the fun days aren't completely over. Get this, he's the new public affairs honcho at the Port of Portland, where he's just now resigning as a member of the board of commissioners!

When Oregon Democrats talk about strengthening the safety net, I guess this is what they mean.

Not that a Saxton Port would be any different. Indeed, if Saxton wins, Imeson will probably head back down to Salem to run another transition team.

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His annual pay of $154,500 makes him the sixth-highest paid official at the Port...

That's landing on your feet in a nice pair of shoes.

But chump change compared to what he and Neil could get as fixers just a few years ago. And you can imagine what they would have raked in on the Texas Pacific-PGE deal. I'd be surprised if the horse's head hasn't shown up in Jaquiss's bed yet.

It would be great to be on the inside. I'm not, thats why i'm selling and getting out

Boy is that STATUS QUO

You can't make this stuff up.

Next to reappear in a fat cat govmint job will be former port head and Neil cronnie Mike Thorne.
Who gave away our shipyards and drydocks
for a song.
Big shot Foti (Cascade General) and also friend of Neil made off with at least $35 million dollar the day that closed.

And of course the ink wasn't dry before Foti sold the floating drydock for more tha he paid for the entire shipyards, infrastructure and land.

Thorne is currently parked on the BIG LOOK task force, (prepping for a new position) with other important people, to decide what our Oregon should look like. I'm pretty sure they decided ahead of time it all should look like Portland.

Hey, man, on the state level the status is about to get quo-ier than ever before.

If they had contracted his P/R agency for the job, it would have cost orders of magnitude more than paying him a salary.

That said, you would think that even the Port of Portland's progressive hipsters would have recognized this is self-dealing.

Then again, what good is serving on the BoD if you can't get a six figure salary once your reputation heads south.

This years election sure is shaping up to be a hold your nose and vote kind of race.

This type of ongoing cronism, just makes the population more cynical.

But "the fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings"

We had two perfectly good candidates for City council, that would have really shook things up with different ideologies and most important good and honest hearts, and we couldn't even get them enough votes to get them to a run off this November.

I guarantee you the first job Imeson will have will be to spin out a need for a new Port headquarters building at the airport.

Never mind they are currently in a building only a few years old.

Ah, it's only money.

There are Democrats... and then there are people who say they are Democrats just to get in the back door.

Sort of like 'compassionate conservatism', only slightly more sneaky.


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