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Sunday, October 8, 2006

I had no idea how good

Last year I wrote in this space about my adventures having the batteries replaced in my two old Timex watches. As it turned out, the Hollywood Fred Meyer store was the place to go.

The other night, the clip on the band on one of the cheap watches broke as I fiddled with it (typical me) while delivering a scintillating lecture on Corporate Tax. And so yesterday, it was off to the Freddy's I went.

Get this: Rather than sell me a new watchband, the guy fixed the clip on the old one. Two bucks, cash.

People, this kind of thing doesn't happen much any more. The man's a genius and a saint.

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Odd. I recall last year's post. And I posted somthing about a guy at the Lloyd Ctr M & F who learned watch repair from some old timer. Well, they're both gone now. Even weirder, I now have a $12 Timex w/ busted watchband. I s'pose I'm now headed to H-Wood Freddy's. Thanks for the tip.

Somewhere between those two locations you passed through a time warp.

Can you provide an exact map of your travel so we can assign a blue ribbon panel to investigate this event.

I have located another warp between Portland and Salem however it is less desirable.

The Oregon City Fred Meyer also has the same service, and they take care of my el cheapo Timex watches. Like you I need something to fiddle with, and go nuts when I don't have a watch on, so I have several tucked in glove compartments of cars my desk at work, so if I forget my watch another one is there I can grab and go. The other thing the Oregon City Fred Meyer complex has is a little shoe repair shop, I have had several of my favorite pairs well broken in comfy shoes resoled several times over, another good old fashioned service, good for the feet, good for recyling.

The woman working at the watch counter at the Hollywood FM took 10 minutes to put a new band on my $40 timex 2 yrs ago--and she put new battery in for me. I spent 12 bucks, but they did the dirty work for a watch that still works fine.

There's a similar little place on State Street in Lake Oswego. I needed a battery for my 25 year old Acutron quartz watch - a first generation of the digital watches. I went into this shop for the first time and had a new battery and a clean watch 10 minutes later - all for $7.50 (the battery alone sells for $6). For those looking, it is right next to Lakeside Bicycles. Highly recommended. (They fix clocks too).

Kay Jewelers at Lloyd Center replaced my watch / altimeter battery, and offered two pricing options:
(1) $10 for one-time replacement
(2) $13 for lifetime replacement guarantee

I chose (2), even after warning the guy that altimeters can deplete a battery in less than a year. He said it didn't matter, and proceeded to write out the guarantee for me.

This note is for the guy at the Tigard FM. He has twice done the same for me. I was also struck by his belief in the honesty of a customer ... until he it is disproved. I have seen him ... despite the sign that displays cash or check on the counter ... let a customer walk with a "just pay me next time you are in" to someone with only plastic. HIS integrity keeps me coming back
and has for years.

M&F used to sell Timex watches, too. Macys, on the other hand, don't.

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