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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Hava nageela

Guess who's the latest Oregon legislator admitting to taking a little lobbyist-sponsored trip and "forgetting" to put it on her gift report. And guess where -- to Israel, no less! Seven days in Israel, and she forgot to report it. "Gosh, John, honey, I've been so busy. Was that Cannon Beach we went to last month, or Israel?"

Uh huh. Or maybe the dog ate her report.

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"This is a culture that has been in the House Republican caucus for a long time," said Jon Issacs, director of FuturePAC, the House Democrats' election arm...But Minnis said her non-filing was inadvertent.

At its heart, this isn't a paperwork issue. Its about taking bennies from lobbyists.

Paul Romain set this up --as he did the Maui-wowie stints-- and Minnis is part of the evil "culture" but Randall, the dem, hey, he's cool because he reported the free trip?

Sorta like Rick Metsger working for Paul Romain in Maui --hey, he's gotta make a living-- so that's cool with folks. But forget to do the paperwork? You're caught with dirty shorts.

Doesn't anyone remember the definition of graft? It ain't about filling out reports. Its about taking money and things of value from people who are themselves paid big bucks to get you to do their bidding. Buying influence. That used to be a bad thing.

I know that's where all our politics are at these days...but still? How about a little nostalgia for the days when rooting out corruption was a value, not a distraction?

Governor Ted takes a hundred grand from Phil Knight...and the legislature guarantees those Nike suburbanites don't really have to be in Beaverton.

No quid pro quo there, eh? Et cum spiritu tuo!

Back when I was a naval officer in the 90s and member of our "one party money system" that is our political process, we were on the tail end of $200 toilet seats and tail-hook. The ethics issues were placed before us clearly - $ 5 hat or mug from a contractor - GOOD. $20 meal BAD. Just don't take it. How can we have the double standard for government employees at any level? Cleaning up the system could get very simple with a chastened legislature and I believe - NON-PARTISAN system. It's been poo-poo'd before, but we truly need to shake up our State and local governments to get the right people and process in place to address the problems government can help.

To me the real scandal is that the only thing they did wrong was not reporting. That simply reporting the "bribes" makes it ok.

PLEASE Wood Villiage... vote that lobby-flack out of government.

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