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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good eatin'

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After being awarded $500.00 for the prize trophy bass, former city council candidate Boyles pledged to allocate 20% to repayment of her $92,000.00 debt.

"We're encouraged by this development," stated auditor Blackmer. "We hope she keeps fishing."

My eyes! My beautiful eyes! It burns!!!!

Photoshop for sure. That is the slenderest Pork Bellied Bass I have ever seen.

I hearby nominate Jack for the "most disturbing Portland blog image of the week" award...

The fish picture would be a lot more fun if we weren't on the hook for 92 grand.

did she lose weight?

did she lose weight?

She did look a lot pudgier in her NASA headshot. Maybe it was all the Tang.

dude, Im eatin' here...

Are those real? A new low, Public Election funds are used for many non-election purposes, but that takes the cake.

I think Jack is getting a little plaque buildup in his brain.....

That fish is in big trouble: she skinned the City of Portland right under their nose. It took them 3 months to realize they'd been skinned. The poor fish doesn't stand a chance.

A couple of days ago my blog got a Google hit from Toronto, from someone looking for "emilie boyles scandal news". Hmm.

I'm sure she'd look quite, uh, fetching in a Maple Leafs jersey, eh?

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