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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Emilie Boyles sighting?

Unconfirmed reports -- and I stress, they are unconfirmed -- say the crown princess of "clean money" is working here.

If true, it's probably not much of a paycheck, but shouldn't the City of Portland try for at least a little piece of it?

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Heck Jack, Blackmer is just waiting to tap into those book royalties.

isn't living in eastern montana punishment enough?

Glendive is no Williston or Miles City, but it's a fine place nonetheless.

Scuttlebutt in the local press corps seems to say otherwise on the matter of her place of employment. Unless something's changed. No one seems to be much interested in continuing to report on her activities, however.

Scuttlebutt in the local press corps

The Portland press corps? What do they know about a tiny broadcast operation in eastern MT?

I'm just trying to nudge them into coughing up what they've heard.

Oops. Ahem. Yes, if anyone knows where she is, the Portland MSM does.

"KXGN carries a portion of the CBS network feed, along with some NBC programming. KXGN is the last remaining TV station in the country affiliated with more than one "big three" network."

thanks, wikipedia!

I've heard she is the weathergirl.

Did the COP ever even get a civil judgement against Emily?

If the COP did bother to get a civil judment, what does it cost to register a foreign judgment in Montana, and what are the costs of garnishment in Montana and what are the exemption amounts for wages?

In Oregon, IIRC, you cannot get more than 25% of gross wages, and I believe, but am not srue, that there may be some minimum wage amount below which all wages are exempt from garnishment.

Its important for the credibility (RIMSHOT) of the Voter Owed Elections / Poltician's Welfare process that the COP get a civil judgment and chase Eily anywhere with ganishments.

General deterrence, just to make sure that future welfare queens don't dip into the undsfor their own purposes.

And a serious test of Blackmer's crediblity as well.

I doubt that they have a judgment. And it would be a lot harder to get one now that they let her skip town.

Yeah, I didn't want to waste 7 cents calling over there. I figured somebody else would.

Since its confirmed, COP could sue her and get a judgment. Service on her should be fairly easy, and she'll most likely not contest the claim.

Gut check time for Blackmer and the ther supporters of VOE / Politcian's Welfare.

Wanna' bet Blackmer and the VOE crowd has no guts?

She was served with court papers in September after someone called the City to say where she was.

They've already said they're going to let her slide because it would be a waste of time to pursue her.

Just as they thought it would be a waste of time to check the signatures she turned in, I guess...

The kids at the Merc tracked down Blackmer, who says now he'll garnish her wages. I can't imagine the job pays much, and so the recovery will be slow at best.

People are also calling her boss at the TV station over there for comment. What positive purpose that might serve is way beyond me.

Please tell me someone in eastern Montana is savvy enough to upload her premiere onto YouTube for the inquiring minds of Portland.

Can we assume she has an Anchor position with the station.

That part-time job would involve her holding Anchor (ballast) on cables supporting the antenna tower and then only during periods of high winds.

The once called them Guy wires but that isn't PC anymore.

Hey, come on. Let's keep it vaguely respectful.

As I understand it, the "anchor" at that station is a one-person news department.

And it's made KGW's newscast.

Both web and broadcast, KGW credits Jack with first reporting Oy's current whereabouts.

Isn't it just like any campaign debt, where the lender gets to arbitrarily call the shots on when and how to demand payment? There are other fish in the barrel. Some of whom are actually in office and the conditions that the lender places on their own exercise of arbitrary power are surely not governed by altruism. How about demanding that all campaign debt converts to a campaign donation immediately upon the end of some election? Now THAT would be a public policy point to make, rather than spearing an out-of-water fish. Bigger fish can be easily located. I am suspicious by the selective focus; and can't fairly chalk it up to some personal petty grievance or avarice. If Sten had to return his funds his salary would cover, in time -- but would that repayment itself salve over a demand for return? This particular arbitrariness originated with Blackmer.

did anyone utube the kgw story?

OPB's Colin Fogarty interviewed Boyles:

Emilie Boyles: "I certainly haven't just absconded off the face of the Earth. And the best thing that I can do now is to get myself reestablished so that we can repay that debt and I can return to Portland and work for the good of Portland."


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