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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chief Smoove strikes back

Like any victim, Derrick Foxworth's gonna sue. In a legal notice filed with the City of Portland today, the former chief stated that "first I am going to strip off every layer of pretension that you are wearing," and then "I am going to pull out my huge chocolate complaint and file it in a very appropriate jurisdiction." The letter went on to say, "I love the idea of taking your deposition wearing nothing but heels, stockings, and a cream lace teddy. I can think of nothing better than driving to a secluded park and having you reach over and open my discovery requests."

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NOW we're on to something! There's been mention here and elsewhere of secrets in the mayor's past. If Foxworth spills the beans on Grampy and says "a white man held the same position and did the same stuff, and he's mayor!", it could get messy. Hang on to your hats, kids.

I'd guess Derrick will get a nice taxpayer check from Grampy, Fireman Randy, and one of the other three geniuses...

Are you sure you weren't an erotic writer in your former life??

Don't give me the credit. Those are paraphrases of DF's own smoove e-mails to Angela.

Perhaps Foxie can ask Moose to join him in a No Class Action?

Look on the bright side . . .

If I Were Him.

I would demand a final calculation of the present value of my anticipated future pension payments, as earnings for all past work. I would demand it now, as part of a "final" judicial resolution. I would immediately demand to have all pension earnings for all future work covered by 1) the newest pension tier for the new hires as identified in the proposed reforms, or 2) as measured now by non-safety worker CoP employees that select only 401(k) type plans.

There are stories about government officials that use someone's expectations to receive a pension from government as a tool to threaten them . . . to threaten to act arbitrarily and deny all pension benefits as a sort of discipline -- notwithstanding that such had been "earned" long before some incident.

Use conservative actuarial assumptions. Demand the entire balance today.

(Gift Horse)

This one will never see the fluorescents on the inside of the MultCo. Courthouse.

"The City of Portland neither admits nor denies..."?

Who can blame him? How else can an honest cop become a millionaire?

The big checks are usually made out to the familes of the alleged scumbags. It's about time we send a few million to the boys in blue.

If all else fails, throw out the race card. Whatever...

I guess Commander Chocula has to use the race card, as the "they did it too" card has never been a very successful defense (see Nixon, Richard).

More, Bojack, more!



"The big checks are usually made out to the familes of the alleged scumbags."

Golly, if upstanding citizens like yourself didn't shirk their jury duty, maybe the "alleged scumbags" wouldn't get the "big checks."

Mssr. HRU:

The out of court settlements don't correlate with my jury duty. The alleged scumbags getting shot dead has less than nothing to do with jury duty.

The fact that a gun toting, NRA loving, son-of-a-cop who admires and respects police officers will never get on a MultCo. jury is problematic, but you should take that concern to the public defenders, not me.


Alleged jury duty.

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