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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Slough of problems

The Portland Airport de-icing mess has been with us for years, and it seems it's never going to go away. Now it turns out that the "new, improved" system of getting rid of the de-icer once it's been sprayed was based on some faulty assumptions, and so guess what: They're continuing to muck up the Columbia Slough.

Now, we all know that the Port of Portland folks want to take over the Colwood Golf Course and run a new runway right over the Slough. They wouldn't mess up the water quality there just to make the sales job on the new runway easier. Would they?

Comments (3)

Speaking of the Port of Portland, the Tram car is supposed to arrive there tomorrow (according to the city hall blog at the O).

Does anyone have an ETA?

It might be nice to give it a welcoming party.

Somebody ought to ask Teddy and Ronny about the de-icer and the fish. At every opportunity.

Can't beat antifreeze for a deicer.

Best alternative is to stay home and wait for a thaw.

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