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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Virtually yours

The day I discovered YouTube, I realized that hours of my future were about the be sucked in by it. Now, thanks to a friend who loaned me yesterday's Wall Street Journal, I see where some more hours are going to go -- archive.org. You can read whole books over there -- watch entire full-length movies. Want to hear Grateful Dead shows? No problem. And they just keep scanning and ripping away.

For a sample, check out this beautiful pdf file of an 1885 history of the Willamette Valley. Goodbye, real world!

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My favorite website! You have to check out the old TV commercials! Under "Moving Images" select "Prelinger Archives". Pretty amazing stuff. The best part is you are allowed to use the Prelinger Archives however you want, even commercially!

117 mb PDF.... dial up users stay away.

I may come to regret this, but archive.org is also really good for opposition research on candidates.

Did you check the Wayback Machine there at archive.org when you lost your blog files? It's a pretty ambitious project and I've found it very useful a time or two, although it's no substitute for having your own files back.

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