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Saturday, September 9, 2006

The plot thickens

A new chapter has opened in the story of the new artificial turf soccer field in our neighborhood:

Without a fence, that's going to be a tough policy to enforce. People have been exercising their dogs on that property for probably 60 years. To think they're going to stop now is a bit naive.

Granted, it's private property, and the dogs are going to make a mess of the artificial turf, and so it's a good idea to keep them away. But I suspect that signs alone aren't going to do it:

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If they're going to have "dog Police" enforcing the no-Dog zones, how about "skateboard Police" to keep the kids out of busy parking lots and off the benches, hand-rails, and public art?

I'd volunteer my time if they'd let me use a Taser for the smart-asses.

Here kitty kittty kitty

Here kitty kittty kitty

Are you referring to the giant mechanical cat in the picture, Steve?

Very good Frank!

But I must admit I wasn't and didn't notice it.

I was going to write something about dogs being decriminated and cats being allowed but ran out of crerative juices so
kitty kitty kitty was all I could do.

However, now that I have thought more, cats may find the turf a good scratching surface and litter box during the night. Maybe even a safe haven from coyotes who may find the surface too unnatural.

But really I feel as though I am being really stupid about this whole matter.

Too bad Urban Renewal didn't pay for it.

I might have something worth reading to offer.

Oh well, it's off to the golf course grass with my daughter and my buddy and his son.

Have good Sunday everyone.
Even Randy.

Frank: What a witty guy.


DOn't go that route; cats are not dogs. You don't need to promote bad cat law to promote pet owner/dog friendly law. The whole thing is antiquated. We should work to change it all together. Don't have time to get into it right now. But hey, dog people and cat people can be friends. We have common foes in this town!
You have a good Sunday, too.

But hey, dog people and cat people can be friends.

Since I've got a dog and a cat,and they both sleep in our bed together, what kind of person does that make me?

I've also got a horse now, but he doesn't sleep in our bed. At least not yet...but my wife is awfully fond of him!

Weekend update: Somebody's taken down the "no dogs" signs, and I doubt it was the school. Soccer isn't the only game that will be played out there, apparently.

Mr. Tee, you might like my recipe for cat and Rocky Mountain Oyster pie; I wouldn't share it with just anyone, but I loved you in the A-Team.

There are plenty of good reasons to keep cats indoors, but something I find exciting in Portland is, despite the fact that we have the National Animal Interst Alliance has pushed a "Cat trespass' provision through Lisa Naito's office, we actually have many citizens involved in non-lethal control for ferals (trap/neuter/return), which is in line wiht polcies recommended by a blue ribbon task force six years ago, but ignored. Forbidding cats outdoors would interfere with this genuinely progressive program. If a coyote gets one, that's the food chain. My beef about that was always that Sallinger let himself be a front person for law promoted by the NAIA, when he really is not an unkind person, as his law student defender noted.

I love cats. So does my dog. With rice.

My Aibo left a little battery there.

Crap...it's hardly worth the trouble to prep a cat, especially when there are so many larger, meatier and easier to catch canines.

Plus, it's a long tradition. In the Chinese army, the dog on the leash was the equivalent of K-rations.

But I hear you have to marinate dog meat for hours. A friend from China wanted to spare me the details, but her husband didn't. Both cat and dog meat are tough. In Old Testament terms, unclean, since they are pawed animals. I hear it tastes lousy, actually. I don't think I have ever eaten it, but had some pretty strange Chicken on an airplane in Asia.

How the heck do you spell that: marianate?

Ferret is tasty.

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