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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The new streetcar board

The group that burns all our millions sending those cute little streetcars through the Portland condo farms has announced a new board, and there are some interesting names on there. Mike "Small Fry" Powell of Powell's Books is the chair, and Hank Ashforth, the developer who's been pushing the awful convention center hotel, is in the no. 2 slot.

We also get developer John Carroll, developer Roger Neu, real estate sharpie Richard Cooley, lender Rick Parker, Sam the Tram, a PGE guy, a PSU sort, and somebody from OHSU.

If you think the streetcar isn't all about making money in real estate, just take a look at that lineup. All aboard!

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Mike P. is also a big pusher for the Burnside-Couch couplet, which would run on both sides of his headquarters store. Ashforth is a major property owner in the Lloyd District.

So I'll bite.

Which of these "community minded" folks represents the 85% of Portlanders who earn less than $100K/year?

I guess it's just perverse logic to assume that the board include at least one of the group which pays the bulk of the taxes to support such follies as trolleys... and trams... and Neil's electric train... and...


Angela Timmen? [faints and falls on floor]

Her department is in charge of design, construction and remodeling of buildings and interiors throughout OHSU, and is notorious for overcharging every department on Pill Hill. No wonder they turn a profit. Every work order submitted to that department gets a 40% surcharge slapped on for "overhead".

Speaking of the condo farm does Vera Katz live in that neighborhood and if so how much property tax is she not paying and what about former Gov. Kitzhaber isn't he in there as well?
Inquiring minds want to know.

You would think after the public has been complaining about PDCs Urban Renewal Advisory Committees not having enough at-large, taxpaying representation on all the committees, and the City Council somewhat agreeing, that the Trolly Committee would have some at-large representation. But why would I think that?

Has anyone thought of bringing on some strong legal challenges to all the "conflict of interest" going on in this city? State law is explicit on what constitutes "conflict of interest", and we have had it on many voting decisions throughout our government entities. Where's our DA? Where are the feds?

That is my question Jerry. Cynthia claims the local courts and judges are all rigged, but where are the Feds. This is a cycle of history we are going through again, I am afraid. Go grab the classic Mr. Smith goes to Washington. The plot centered around "development", the papers were all controled by a local political boss. The esteemed once honorable Senator brought home the pork. Japan was growing out of thier isolation selling goods and services to us, like China is today, and everyone had the same cheap trinkets, to clutter up thier victorian homes while the middle class was displaced by changing technology and industrial effeciency putting most of the labor force drawn to the urban areas on the street. Ayn Rand and the Marx brothers do a good job of describing the social problems of two few with too much money and not much talent running things, where appearences were all that mattered, reality of the situation was not a factor. The street care is so cute, doesn't matter that it only recovers a fraction of its operating costs, and there are still unpaved streets in neighborhoods where the common folk reside.

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