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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oooooh, Sani Rinse!

You know you're on the back nine when a big event in your life is a new dishwasher. We got one this week, and I just started my Saturday with a viewing of the instructional DVD that came with it. What a hoot. Men in neckties and women in pearls, positively sashaying around the kitchen as they scrape off the half-eaten spaghetti and load up the tray. June, I'm home!

From the looks of it, you'd think that if anything goes wrong, this guy will show up in a tux.

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We got a new dishwasher 2 weeks ago. Yes I'm totally thrilled. The back nine isn't so bad.

A Plumber's Crack in a tux! A Cummerbund Crack! Aaayyyyyy my eyes!

If my Bosch asked me to, I would dress up for it. It really is that wonderful! ('Twas my graduation from L&C gift to myself.)

If you ever install Pergo flooring, get the instructional video from the retailer. I've never seen a cuter and cleaner floor installer in my life!


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