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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Movin' on

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Wow, those bedroom eyes. Am I the only one getting hot here?

Movin' On Up. (Duin's critique of gaming the electoral process, by Leslie Roberts.) Can you describe the smell of sour grapes? Much the same as integrity in a pissing contest.

I just can't imagine EVER wanting a job so badly that I would stab my neighbor in the back and completely alienate my future colleagues to get it. How much does a Mult. Cnty judge get paid, anyways?

This post isn't about Judge You.

I'm wondering if the background in the photo is thinly veiled hint as to Ms. Oy's current location.

Is it personal or process? I distinctly recall . . .

. . . the head could Flash with nearly any candidate. Transparency alone is quite unsatisfactory proof of corruption or non-corruption in subsequent official deeds.

Details, details, details...

You (da judge) either overlooked or ignored the details of the qualifications for candidacy for her judicial position. I'm not sure whether that mattered for Teddy K's appointment - but it mattered for the election.

Duin's apparent contention that such details are unimportant are especially hypocritical when applied to a judicial candidate. It seems to me that details are of more than passing concern for judges. Don't forget Roberts' tried to make sure the SoS's office checked You's qualifications carefully.

Roberts played by the rules and took advantage of an opponent's lack of (sorry) judgement. The fact that many other members of the bench are "disgusted", or whatever, by Roberts' actions is simply evidence of the sort of clique-y, go-along, get-along attitudes of the current crop of judges. In this "club", I guess the process is more important than the result. The inference that her tactics in this race somehow render her unfit is laughable.

I probably don't share Roberts' political views, but I certainly admire her grasp - Duin's tortured attempts at blaming the rules notwithstanding - of the realities of a competitive situation.

I'm sure Teddy K will appoint Youlee to a state position within two weeks.

Wanna bet?

BTW, Bill, yes you are.

Sorry, Jack,
I hadn't refreshed for a while.

If she's at the Grand Canyon, you have to feel sorry for the mule that's going to carry her on the return trip.

I'm sure glad this isn't nice week.

I think I get the background now, she is in AZ. AZ is the other place that keeps getting held up as a good example of VoE. She'e running for office


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