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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I don't think this is a joke

Ever thought, "I wish there was an entire planned community of 'Lord of the Rings' geeks in which to immerse myself"?

Well, now there is, in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Get the earnest money ready, honey!

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Those aren't cheap.

I'm gonna start growing out the hair on my feet right away.

Hey, why don't we all mortgage our homes and invest in a concept developement called "Star Trek Station". We could put it right on the MAX line, featuring 'Kirks Condos', 'Tribble Townhomes', and 'Picard Palisades'. Lord knows there are enough geeks in Hillsboro to meet the demand. Besides, what's not to like about an Enterprise shaped pool?

What kind of concept development could we get going over by the Convention Center? I'm thinking maybe a "Dune" theme...

If I remember right, there was a candidate for city council in Salem a few years back who wanted to convert one of the big bridges in town into a combination bridge / convention center... it was to be shaped like the Star Trek Enterprise. He figured it was going to draw Trekker conventions every year.

I'm pretty sure he lost.


The cynic in me wants to believe it's a hoax, but I also know to never over estimate the American consumer.

Those aren't cheap.

Downright affordable compared to the Pearl...Probably cheaper than SoWhat too. (I havent seen prices for SoWhat..)

I did however, see a listing for a $4 million Pearl condo today....unbelievable.

I would imagine the rest of those "trendy" condos being built downtown are not much better.

btw, that $4 mil condo is 6000 sq ft.
There is also a 600 sq ft Pearl studio for $300k. That one must be the "affordable housing"...


Can't say I'd go for the "Dune" neighborhood - still too scarred from the David Lynch monstrosity. (Unless you were planning on a neighborhood with no coherent themes, overhyped, and over-budget.)

I'd suggest a neighborhood something more along the lines of "MASH." Affordable housing, convenient access to quality health care, and Sally Kellerman lives in the yurt next door.

If only it was a joke... but it most definitely is not. I know someone (a roofing contractor) who worked on some of the homes.

Sigh... welcome to Bend. Where the "haves" have plenty of disposable income to fritter away on hobbit holes... ;) What's a housing bubble, again?

Being both from Bend and a big Tolkien fan, I'm just a bit embarrassed - but hey, geeks are people too.

Oh I forgot! *obligatory Pearl bashing*

i like how they took that old "garden city movement" idea of keeping the cars in the back and putting parks and foot paths in the front.

although i never lived inside, i used to bike around a community in radburn NJ that used that idea. it works really well.

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