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Monday, September 25, 2006

Go on home -- don't pay attention

Almost 5 o'clock -- time for today's Government Statement to the Media That it Would Rather Not Make. Today, Portland Police Chief Sizer is apparently going to say something about the James Chasse case. Too late for tomorrow's Trib, eh? Maybe even too late for WW...

UPDATE, 4:41 p.m.: Looks like the kids at the Merc have it first... and here's the whole statement signed by Potter.

UPDATE, 4:59 p.m.: Nick Budnick at LocalNewsDaily.com has a pretty definitive story.

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Years ago when I was in the service I went to a demonstration about the use of force in detaining someone. During the demo one of the items they used was something similar to the chest protector baseball umpires wears. I have to wonder given all the work being done by the military on non lethal force why something similar couldn't be adopted by the civilian police, afterall they adopt everything else the military uses that they can get their hands on.

Isn't this Potter's fault?

He must have ordered the police to use these tactics.

I'm certain he did.

Not that I blogged it, it must be true.

My heart hurts so much for this family and the family of Lukas Glenn. But I am encouraged that both seem to find some solace in the possibility that this convergence of tragedies can lead to systemic change.

I am also encouraged by the coverage we are getting from The Tribune on abuse of power issues. The crowd at The Oregonian, which tends to paint everyone in a position of authority,from Michael Schrunk at the DA's office to Michael Oswald at Animal Services as a venerable wise man, could learn something from the crowd at the Tribune.

I sent Mayor Potter an email this morning saying how disappointed I am in his public response. I know, he'll likely never see it, but I tried, anyway.

Here's why I'm disappointed. I am a communications professional with 30+ years background, including 4 years on the faculty of a well known local private university. If I had been given the job of writing the mayor's statement, I would certainly not have used "I have asked ... ". That shows weakness, which is not what I was hoping for when I voted for Potter. I would have substituted the word INSTRUCTED for asked. After all, the last I checked the Police Chief serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, and Potter needs to do a much better job of demonstrating to his constiuents that he fully intends to hold those under him accountable, especially where the Portland Police Bureau is concerned.

Pearl Jim

Ok, so I might have 30+ years experience in communications, but that doesn't mean I'm immune to typos. I meant constituents, ok?



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