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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Give us this day our four bucks

Offered for sale at the local Wild Oats Market today, a loaf of plain white bread: $3.99.

And here I thought gas was bad.

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Best deal on healthy bread in town: The Nature Bake thrift store on NE 63rd. I almost hesitate to tell people about it for fear it'll get too popular. Approx. half-price on Dave's Killer, Surviva and Nature Bake products, occasionally pita breads, "energy" bars, cookies, and the best raisin bread known to man. Omigod that raisin bread is good. Lots of spelt bread, too, which is why we go. We searched for a long time for decent spelt bread--some members of the house have wheat problems--and hands down Nature Bake is the best. The thrift store's the only way we could buy it; it's pushing $5/loaf at New Seasons.

There ya go exaggerating again, its only $3.99 and you claim its $4!

Sam will make hey with this.

Gas is bad. Just ask my Bride.

Locally produced, organic, and verifiable in its contents.

Sounds like its worth an extra few dollars if thats what motivates your food purchasing criteria.

Isn't that what organic really means anyways. From around here and costs more because of it.

Actually, the bread I'm talking about is just your generic white bread, not organic, not hemp, not nothin' special. Four bucks.

Nothing beats control of the retail market.

Hard red winter wheat at 4.60 for a 60+ pound bushel. KCBT_KW.

Grind your own; at least for a breakfast cereal.

"Organic" has all the appeal of "low tar" cigs, product differentiation via brand label. For veggies from CA it means use of short handled hoes and sustained damage to some folk's lower backs.

Franz Bread...Albertson's...$1.50.
Used to buy Wonder but they dont sell it in the NW any more.

Mmmmm.....Hemp bread. It's Southern Oregon State 1991 all over again.

More importantly, who's been pooping in all the spinach and could we kindly ask them to knock it off?

I know $2 is more appealing as a price, but is it better bread? Uh, no.

It's not all about organic vs. non, it's about the quality of the ingredients, where it's made and how it's made. Personally, I wouldn't pay $4 for a loaf, but I wouldn't shop at Wild Oats either.

No reason to shop there when New Seasons is local, and they make a lot of their bread themselves. They carry Dave's Killer bread too...

For me, really good bread is really worth it, and Portland is full of outstanding bakers. My favorite is the stuff at Fleur de Lis, located in the old Hollywood Library @ NE 42nd and thereabouts. Incredibly good bread, though it is not cheap. However, when I think about the importance that bread plays in my diet, it's worth it.

If you're going to spend $4 for bread, at least buy local AND organic..."Dave's Killer Bread" is the absolute BEST and comes in a variety of flavors. Not too mention he is an ex-con who got his life straightened out. You can find it at most Farmer's Markets and I believe now that New Seasons is selling it.

i admire the merchants having the genius idea of selling portland as alternative lifestyle city....clean, organic and above all progressive....

too bad for the average joe and jane: they are not really rich folks

the last few times i visited the saturady farmer market, i got the ill feeling that i was among pilgrims to some religious sites

it sure is expensive to live in cult!!

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